I love an under-shave. In fact, I had one two summers ago (somehow, warm weather always inspires me to try out the punkier looks). But French model Aymeline Valade—with co-conspirator Guido—really took hers to the next level, with a full wraparound style.What's interesting is that at all of the Fall 2011 shows I spied Aymeline in, including Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton, both of which she opened, her hair took on a Chameleon effect. At Marc Jacobs (pictured, top) and Vuitton, the under-shave was showcased by a high and strict pony, but at Wang (pictured, bottom), hair was down and dirty and no one would have been the wiser. That's the thing about this style (the classic under-shave, which begins behind your ears): no one needs to know. So you can truly be "business in the front" by day, and "party in the back" by night. Would you, could you?

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  • Mioara Roncea

    I love to see this kind of haircut on other people, but I do believe that it has to suit one's personality. And I do not find myself in that area. :)
    Thank you.

    Mioara Roncea

  • Copper Etiquette
  • Daiane

    i love this! i think it goes well only on hair this long though. i would definitely try it during summer break if my hair will be long enough until then, haha.

  • Roxana @ Makeup Fanatic

    I think this is awesome. I would love to THINK that I could pull it off, and would be daring enough to do it, but I think when it comes down to actually doing it, I wouldn't be able to...but that's just because I love my thick hair and would feel so unlike myself without it!

    Also, what if you want to grow it out, it must be really awkward with some hair textures!

  • yvette

    Nope. Looks great on models though. My hair is too fine.

  • R

    I bet any haircut looks good with that bone structure!

  • Julie Khuu

    When I was in middle school (early 90s) this look was ALL the rage! All my girlfriends had the shaved back with high ponytails...I definitely consider myself a risktaker but I could never, would never, dare such a gutsy confident move! I love my multitude of do's too much to restrict a look...but I sure can applaud the beauties that do! So rocker chic!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • Maggie

    Yeah, I feel like my hair is too thin. I don't need to be shaving half of it off. Love it on some people though!

  • kate

    i generally love punk looks, and whilst this is great for catwalk-i would never do it! and i would think in everyday life, it would look ridiculous! i dont like it at all!

  • kristi

    haha when i was in about 13th every girl was doing this. it wasn't nearly as glamorous, but funny how trends come back.

    i also think this only works if you have a thick head of hair...and is probably a nice idea for girls whose neck hurts from pounds of hair every day

    • Solita

      Haha! I agree! It was the anti social girl look for my first 2 year s of high school. I didn't think this was still such a "punk" trend.

  • Jenny

    I would think that you need really thick hair to have this haircut? I don't feel like adding more thinness to my already thin scandinavian hair. But I love it on Aymeline! She's gorgeous!

  • AlexisKS

    I totally had this look back in 1990! Can't believe it's back.

  • Lisa C

    I'm going to be the voice of dissent here and lament a tragic haircut on a great beauty. But hooray for bravery, in any case.

  • chrisbean

    This is COMPLETELY inspiring to me. I always have my hairdresser take an electric razor to the bottom inch or so on the nape of my neck, because I hate stragglers. And my hair is just about long enough to pull this off. I won't miss the volume, because my hair pulled into a tight ponytail is over two inches thick. And I have a haircut appointment scheduled for tomorrow; I was going to go angled bob (nearly buzzed in back, just long enough to tuck behind my ears in front) but now I'm rethinking!

    In the 90s we called it Chelsea... head shaved to bare skin, with just long bangs. It was a lot more extreme than this look, but I dig the grown-up variant.

  • marcela

    All I can say is that it looks good on her.
    Not my cup of tea.


    I had that a year ago :D it was super easy to comb my hair ^^ xo

  • kristina@beancakes

    i had to respond because i actually DID this quite some time ago. picture 4 of my friends with razors in each hand! i don't think that i could pull that off today though!
    xo~ kristina

  • Alyssa

    Okay I am actually thinking of doing an undershave on one side, a la Alice Dellal. Emily, any tips on pulling it off? I know I can rock it because I've had super short hair before, and my hair is pretty long (chest-length) and thick. But it is layered, and I'm wondering how this will grow out?

  • Christina Hovland

    I had that haircut from ages 14-16. That was during my mod phase in the late '80s. I even had the letters DM shaved in the back for my favorite band at the time - Depeche Mode!

  • phoebe

    it looks great on her but i could never do it. I have really long hair but its pretty thin so i'm the least daring person when it comes to cutting it... its taken me my whol life to grow it to my waist!!
    I love how so many women who read this blog rocked this when they were teenagers- so brave!

  • dawn

    i shaved my head like this in 8th grade right before i was to go to a friend's party, unbeknownst to my strict parents. today i wouldn't do it, but i can see my daughter wanting to do this.

  • elena

    No way LOL

  • Solita

    It's funny how things come back and even though they are so sterilized and commercialized people still think their crazy. I mean, i was wearing black lipstick when the only people that made it was wet 'n wild ( or sometimes it was just black eyeliner and chapstick). Now its every where but peeps are still like, "oh, my goodness gracious, black lips? are you goth?" Haha! Chicks with shaved heads are not wild and crazy (unless your from the Bible belt, i guess). For some of us with really heavy hair it's a neccesity in the summer so I don't see how this is a "crazy, punk" look. And besides, It's just hair! It grows back! Sheesh! The models is, of course, gorgeous but this post really annoyed me. Oh well, I guess squares will always be squares.

  • Marian

    You have a wonderful eye which is evident in every image you take. Personally I adore this under-shave and Aymeline Valade wears it so well.

    I adored this image so much that I had to share it in a 'to under-shave or not to under-shave' tweet on Twitter.

    I have never mourned or missed my mid back length hair (has not been that length since my teens!) till the moment I saw the first image.
    I like how her hair has individuality via the under-shave despite being long. Goes to show that one can maintain length and still achieve character.

    Here is to wishing I had longer hair to have an under-shave at the back!

    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Glam kisses,


  • Alexis

    This reminds me of high school - late 80's-early 90's. I couldn't get away with it then and I really don't think I'd be able to pull it off now. Aww, to be a young model now.

  • mimi

    im not brave enough but its a super cool look :)

  • Kim S

    I used to shave the underneath of my hair in the 90s because it was so thick and it thinned it out. I never thought it was punk just wanted less hair.

  • Mel

    I remember doing this when I was back in school in the 90's and it was "cool" haha I have tons of hair and it was such a relief for me at the time during summer months, the best thing was after the hair grew again it was so much healthier, nicer and smoother, it's still grows better and smoother to this day in my opinion, I wish I had the guts to do my whole hair just for that, but now I wouldn't even try the half! chicken! haha the model looks fantastic though!

  • Cindy

    love love love .. gona do this today actually! :)

  • georgia

    I was once in the hair dressers when a girl came in and asked for this. The hair dresser tried to talk her out of it and so did everyone in the store at the time. The hair dresser was arguing that her hair was too fine and lank and it wouldn't look right. In the end the girl won and the hair dresser was just like "don't come back here crying when it looks stupid". (This is Scotland where people are brutally honest).

    It looked the daftest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    She wasn't the kind of person to be able to pull it off though. Some people are cool enough to look really good with it done. If I had it, I would look like an idiot.


  • Angie S

    I did the shaved undercut thing a couple of different times - once in high school when it was the "in" style and a few years later in college. I LOVED it! And sometimes dream that I could do it again, much to my husband's chagrin - he's not a fan of the shaved styles, but I love the contrast of long and shaved areas. I am very intrigued by those daring enough to do a 'do like this. Love it!

  • giuliageroni

    Inspired by your two under shave posts, I got one today! Not with long hair, cause I had it cut today, but with a chin length bob, and it looks pretty good. Thanks for the inspiration!