The Look: Monika in NARS


Monika Sawicka (Marilyn) wearing the limited edition Blush Bronzer Trio (Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzing powder, and Albatross highlighter) from NARS' Portrait of Paradise collection, on eyes, cheeks, and lips. Photos and makeup by ITG.

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  • gorete sousa

    Great !!!

  • Marcela

    Her makeup looks really good, like she has just been sun kissed.
    Love it.

  • Copper Etiquette

    very nice she has great skin

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  • HeyitsAlexp

    That blush is perfect for summer: natural and not too "done".

  • Bre

    I adore NARS products. Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush are Holy Grails and staples in my kit! Universally flattering colors are hard to come by, but NARS more than delivers!

  • Lisa C

    She was born to model blush! Hope you didn't get cut on those cheekbones :)

  • elena

    I cant figure out from the text what is she wearing on her lips? Cant be powder or highlighter...
    Is she wearing Orgasm blush on her lips as well as cheeks?

    • admin

      Hi Elena: she's actually wearing the highlighting powder on her lips and eyes--mixed it with a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. XE

  • Alexis

    Gorgeous! I am trying to refrain myself from running to Sephora right now for that Laguna trio palette. I have to remind myself that I still have to pay rent!

  • Lila

    So pretty! Can't wait for the day you'll feature Jac. :)

  • Charlotte


  • elisa

    love Nars + Monika ( actually spotted her in union square whole foods the other week! so pretty)

    You should definitely do a 'model profile' when you do these posts. You have access to their knowledge & insider info from all the contact they have with professionals and finding out what works for them. They have to deal with heaps of travel and skin conditions, so I am sure they have super products & secrets that help them keep their skin this perfect! Especially when their profession is so much about skin ;)
    It would be neat to do a small profile, with simple 'hot seat questions' asked... I think all the readers would love it, in addition to your beautiful showcasing of the make-up.

    Just an idea :)

    Keep on shining, as you truly do have the best blog on the web! You can see your passion and genuine heart behind your work and you truly do deserve all the success that is coming your way

    ciao !

  • UNIQ

    loving ur light make up for summer! ur hair also!

  • kristina@beancakes ❤

    gorgeous makeup! very natural indeed~