Maria Dueñas Jacobs, Accessories Editor, Glamour

Maria Dueñas Jacobs

"I like to look natural. I have the same makeup routine night and day. I start with moisturizer—different ones, depending on what I got from the beauty closet...I’m not skin care loyal. But what I am loyal to is Dior Hydra Life tinted moisturizer. I like it because it has SPF 20, and it smoothes out my skin—I feel like it gives my face a kind of porcelain look. And I use Vincent Longo concealer, which I love for under the eyes and for evening out any redness. I’ve tried every concealer and this one’s the best because it’s dewy. I’m not loyal to mascara—I have like, ten different mascaras—and I’ll wear any of them. I love mascara, it’s probably my number one essential beauty product, but I hate applying it and taking it off! I use makeup remover wipes because it’s easy; the only time I wash my face is in the shower and then I use Dove soap. And I use Sephora’s Brow Tint marker to fill in my brows—it’s super cheap and it makes a big difference. It’s dummy proof. I wear the same lipstick every day; I actually stumbled upon it when I was looking for a lipstick for my wedding. It was the perfect shade, Lipstick Queen Medieval—it moisturizes and has a really pretty tint of red. It’s fresh and natural but still has a bit of color. As far as hair products go, I’m not brand loyal at all, and I’m lazy—I like to use two-in-one shampoo-and-conditioners! [Laughs] Pantene does a good one. I just cut my hair and I’m liking it a little shorter. Oh and on my legs, I really like Michael Kors Leg Shine. I found it when I was buying stuff at Sephora, and it was by the register in one of those $10, ‘Last Deal’-type bins. It’s a stick that gives your legs this sun-tanned, smooth, glistening look. I’m really into the whole dewy thing."

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  • Jill


  • Twelve52

    Could she be any prettier? I never would have thought her routine would be so low maintenance, everything looks so flawless. Lucky lady!

  • Cece

    wow, we have a lot in common. lol love the dior tinted moisturizer and agree with the whole mascara issue!

  • Madame M


  • ann

    Awesome post!
    Even thought I've been reading this blog since the beginning, this is my first comment & I have to say, I love your blog! It's incredibly unique and very entertaining (and helpful!). Perfect beauty blog.

    Also, is it just me or does she look a bit like Miranda Kerr? Or maybe this is just one of those "Unknowledgeable Fashionista" moments!?

  • mimi

    she is the love child of miranda kerr and julia restoin-roitfeld! so beautiful.

    i love dewy makeup too.

  • Marcela

    I am also lazy when it comes to taking off my make up. Her skin looks really healthy and fresh and the hair cut looks really elegant.
    As always, a great post.

  • iben

    It's always like that! She is so pretty and all she does is washing her face with Dove or use napkins, just like Jennifer Aniston with Neutrogena. I'm so envious. I think she looks a bit like Miranda Kerr too:D

    xoxo Despite color

  • Lisi

    I love her routine and she's inspiring me to go find a pretty lipstick for my everyday. She reminds me a little bit of Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

  • Lisi

    Ok, update. I just bought her lipstick.

  • Gabriella

    Miranda Kerr's long lost twin sister! She is so gorgeous. And I might add, I just discovered this blog and it is the best beauty blog bar none :)

  • Irina

    I am totally bought on the Dior Hydra Life tinted moisturizer. That would be my next beauty purchase, oh yeah, and a Mason Pearson brush.She is such a pretty girl, but it makes me wonder if people tell the truth, its very hard to believe she washes her face with dove and doesn't use other fancy products. But maybe??

  • Bre

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Love her simple approach, but wearing the same makeup for day and evening all the time would never work for me-I need some variety and creativity. I love trying new lipsticks and incorporating trends, but only ones that I truly love and that flatter. I love that she shop the Beauty Closet of the magazine, I would be like a kid in a candy store if I had the same opportunity! Her lipstick is really pretty, I'll have to investigate.

  • anu

    Now that is really low maintenance. I use 3x more products and my skin isn't half as good (may be that is the problem? :)
    She looks great.

  • Claire – Lola Is Beauty

    I also use only Lipstick Queen Medieval - it's the best!

  • Alexis

    I use to love that Dior tinted moisturizer she mentioned until I got a summer tan - it ended up making my forehead look ashy. The problem is that it only comes in 3 shades. It was a shame because I loved the coverage and it did't make my super sensitive, eczema prone skin, flare up. I feel the exact same way about mascara - I love so many that I cannot be loyal to just one brand. I guess that makes me a mascara whore haha.

    And yes, I will support any hair care brand that will make my hair look "Gisele" like gorgeous - I can't commit to just one brand!

  • LuckyD

    Such a great tip about the brow tint!! I checked on Sephora and it has pages and pages of 5-star reviews. It's on sale for $6 a piece because its apparently been discontinued!? (I refuse to admit how many I just purchased.)

  • Fiona

    What a TOTAL BABE.

  • Milka

    She has beautiful skin! I'm going to try that DIOR tinted moisturizer. It's even cheaper than my Laura Mercier! I use the same brow tint and she's right, it's fool proof and inexpensive. Thanks Lucky D for the info, I need to stock up. I'm also very intrigued about that Medieval lipstick, can't wait to try it.

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    Her hair can look like that with Pantene?! with that hair and skin she has some enviable genes in there!

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    fresh faced with great tips

  • penelope

    If that picture, isn't photoshopped, then she clearly has some seriously envious skin! I'm surprised she uses dove soap to wash her face instead of a high end cleansers, but I applaud her for that.

  • Amanda

    Agree with the whole 'Dewy' look.

    and can't wait for the next top shelf :) Would love to see what Julia Sarr Jamois uses! <3

  • Jessica

    she's so pretty!! totally a Miranda Kerr doppelganger. what shade of Dior Hydra Life Tinted Moisturizer does she use?

    • admin

      Hi Jessica: she has shades #1 and #2 and alternates or mixes them depending on time in the sun. XEmily

  • Gary

    I would totally do her!

  • FIDM Fashion Club

    How great to hear about suggestions from the people who've tried every product out there and her look is so low maintenance it's crazy and her skin looks flawless! Totally beautiful!

  • Lindsay Sue

    Such beautiful face structure!

  • Janel

    Her make up isperfect. I love how flawless it looks! It never hurts to be simply show-stoppingly gorgeous...

    I need to find a new tinted moisturizer. I used to love the one by Body Shop, but it was discontinued...

    I think the type of shampoo you need depends on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. Maria's hair looks fine, so Pantene makes sense. I have fine, thick hair and my stylist told me not to spend more than $10 on a shampoo, because it would build up on my hair too much. So far, I've found a Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell is working well.

  • Cassie

    I love her--such a style icon. i really love that she's open to all different products, too.

  • AML

    I love her make-up.She is absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe she is using simple make-up techniques. I would love her as my fashion icon.

  • Melody Lam

    She is so pretty and relatable.


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