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Le Labo Elizabeth Street


Legend (internet) has it that when cult perfumer Le Labo rolled out its latest scent, Santal 33, a two-block-deep line formed outside the NoLita boutique in anticipation. I was probably still in bed at that time, but I finally made it to the store last weekend to pick up a bottle for my father (Father's Day) and my brother (tardy birthday present—hey, better late than never, right?) To “pick up” a bottle of Le Labo perfume is sort of an understatement, though. Once you choose from the dozen or so scents—I was a devotee of Rose 31 for a couple of years—a lab coat-clad mixologist blends a fresh helping of it for you, and prints a label with your name on it. It’s a semi-couture fragrance. There are body lotions, massage oils, candles, and even a Rose 31-scented laundry detergent that I milked for all it was worth (ahem, a lot) over the course of many “delicates” machine washes. Santal 33 is a woodsy, Marlboro-man inspired juice that appeals to men and women—a common thread in Le Labo creations. So when you oh-so-thoughtfully gift one to your live-in significant other, be sure to remind them: sharing is caring.

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  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com Procrastinator

    Ohhh how luxe! I love it when things come in simple, utilitarian packaging -- it kind of says that whatever's inside is so special that it doesn't need any help from its container. I can already feel myself hoarding these bottles.

  • http://Calu.typepad.com Marcela

    The lab feel is very interesting, and the fact that the products seem to be more personalized is something that I like a lot.
    That is something that I would like to check out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  • http://heyitsalexp.com HeyitsAlexp

    I love the images of the man mixing your purchase. I'll have to check out the store, the laundry detergent sounds like the perfect little luxury.

  • http://www.ilovenystyle.blogspot.com gorete sousa

    Great Post!!!


  • ehc

    Loooove le labo. Obsessed with the limited edition Another 13 fragrance they did end of last year - wish they would make that part of their permanent collection!

  • http://larkjoanna.blogspot.com Joanna

    I might prefer the Santal candle to the perfume, but it's still an interesting frag nevertheless. My favorite of the range is the Patchouli 24, which is a sexy, smoky leather. The London exclusive is also lovely.

  • http://twelve52.blogspot.com Twelve52

    Yet another tempting reason for me to jump on a plane to NY... as if I needed more!

  • Fiona

    OOH - Rose 31-scented underwear! How lovely! That's one of the best rose scents out there, I think.

    Le Labo scents are so great - high quality, enigmatic, unique, and just very special.

    What a good daughter/sister you are to go buying such nice presents for your family! Nice work!

  • http://beautynumberfive.blogspot.com Yessery

    Wow! I'm excited to go there now. I need to go to New York!

  • http://www.despitecolor.blogspot.com iben

    I love your blog, so different and so informative! The design is great too!

    xoxo Despite color

  • http://stilltheskyisblue.blogspot.com/ cheryl

    I love Le Labo!

  • LL

    Love the fragrances; just bought Santal although the Los Angeles exclusive nearly made it home with me as well.. If only it weren't double the price!

  • carolinamama

    I just bought Santal 33 for myself! I don't think of myself as appreciating woody scents, but after an initial top note that smells as if I spilled single malt scotch on myself and made me think this would skew more to a masculine scent, it settled into something very soft, faintly like fine suede, and a wisp of smoky fall woods. It isn't too much right now in the humid heat of summer, but I'm thinking it will be even more perfect this autumn.

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