The Look: Colinne in Guerlain


Colinne Michaelis (Silent) wearing Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 02 Brunettes, Ecrin Eye Shadow Palette in Rue de Sevrès, and Terracotta Lip Gloss in Tango (ed note: I love these lip glosses). Photos and makeup by ITG.

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  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    well that's damn genius

  • HeyItsAlexP

    I'm loving that lip gloss, I've never seen a color or a texture quite like it. And yes, her hair is amazing. I'm a bit afraid to mash an avocado into my hair though.

  • Kat

    That lip color is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Fallgirl

    Somehow I don't think all the avocados and olive oil in the world will make my hair look like that, but I'm willing to give it a try!
    Fantastic post as usual.

  • LuckyD

    Fantastic post, ITG's on fire this week!

  • A Tribe Called Fashion

    The hair is amazing, will definatelybe trying this with the Avacado sitting in my fridge!

  • R

    Ohhh, I do that too! Every Saturday I douse my hair in olive oil, tie it up in a bun, then let it soak in for 1-4 hours, however much time I have to spare. Wash it out with lukewarm water, finish off with an ice cold rinse and let it air dry. Makes your hair feel thicker, smoother and look shinier - also great for itchy scalps! x

    • A

      Don't you have to shampoo it out? I did that once and it was just plain oily.

      • R

        Yes, sorry - I forgot to mention shampoo and a generous glob of conditioner :)

  • Efsun Tumer

    i really loved her hair, but didn't she coloured her hair at the bottom a bit?

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  • iben

    She's such a beauty!!

    xoxo Despite color

  • Holly

    I would love to know more about her hair color. Beautiful hair.

  • yv

    love yr blog, this girl is gorgeous!

  • Kate

    What a stunning model. Want. That. Hair! These photos totally sell me on her avocado tip.

  • chic noir

    what a pretty girl.

  • Colleen

    It seems a shame to waste all that avocado on your hair...I'd probably just eat it before I ever got in the shower

  • Lindsay Sue

    After I read this, I went right to my kitchen and put some avocado and oil in my hair. It worked wonders! I even got compliments on my hair the day after. Thanks for the tip!

  • sara vinagre montenegro

    that's make up is very beautiful.