Twist and Shout


The messy side bun (shown here on buddies Sasha and Natasha) that hairstylist Sam McNight created for Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2011 show screamed “Try me!”, but wrestling with a few (okay, maybe quite a few) bobby pins leaves me shaking in my boots. Remember Julia von Boehm’s—well, her “Julia von Boehm”-do? Yeah, still haven’t figured that out. You just can’t see back there. But right around the time I was editing my Paris Fashion Week pictures, I discovered something wonderful. Goody, the veteran mass-market purveyor of hair accoutrements, had the good sense to take wine-opener-corkscrew technology (my guess) and pour it into two little molds, thereby creating Spin Pins. If this were a toy, the box would say “safe for ages 5 and up”. It’s that easy. Gather your hair into a rope, maneuver it into some sort of bun, and simply twist in the pins one at a time, close to the scalp, from different directions. Like anything beauty-related, it could take a couple of tries until you get the hang of it. And, only two pins will hold up all of my fine/thick/curly hair, you ask? Yes, yes they will. For under seven bucks, choose your color (“blonde” or “brunette”), see for yourself, and thank me later.

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  • Chi Nguyen

    Hi Emily!
    First of all, I want to let you know that I'm really into your Into The Gloss. I think your site/blog is the cutting-edge one among the beauty/fashion blogs.
    Second, I want to ask you a favor, could you please ID the shade that Natalie was wearing in the picture if you know?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Erin

    Those spin pins are amazing. I bought them a few months ago on a whim b/c I dislike bobby pins. They really work!

  • lara / the glossarie.

    i just bought the spin pin last night! can't wait to take it on vacation with me and sport pretty buns all over europe :)

  • Jane

    LOVE spin pins! Discovered them last summer. They're perfect at the beach, too—will even stay in place during a dip in the ocean. And they're a fast way to a great beach wavy hairstyle. Blow dry the top portion of your hair, twist up the rest with the spin pins and take it out later for mermaid-worthy waves. Love!

    • Alexis

      That's a fantastic idea - I really need these spin pins!

  • Lisi


  • The Procrastinator

    I found these last summer - kind of awkward on Asian hair I discuss here

  • Alexis

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to pick these up when I'm at Target later this evening!

  • Elena

    Thanks for heads-up! I am stopping by Target on my way home today!

  • Samantha

    I want to love the spin pin but my hair is so thick that they won't hold it together in a chignon! Every time I've tried them the bun falls right out. Perhaps I need more than just two.

  • LuckyD

    I was skeptical at first (being one of 5 people who bought the 'Topsy Turvy' back in high school), but these I love! My hair is super fine, so I only use one pin at a time. I like that they offer different colors to match hair color ;)

  • amarie

    i couldn't figure out to get those to work on my hair for the life of me. returned them and bought lip gloss instead.

  • Ashley

    Samantha - the same thing happens to me.

    I bought these a couple months ago but they don't seem to work on my hair. Which is thick and wavy.

    If I do use these I have to use at least 5 bobby pins as well to keep it in place.

    Too bad because I really wanted these to work. Oh well.

    I would recommend for thin hair only.

  • Laura

    just saw this & absolutely loved your coverage! i have always been meaning to pick up those goody pins, now i have more inspiration!

  • Madeline

    LOVE the Spin Pins! And here's a solution for my fellow thick haired gals -- Goody also makes MINI Spin Pins now. Two regular ones + a mini = an extra secure bun!

  • Alexis

    Update - I am still trying to get the hang of these. I can't use these for a traditional bun because I can't tuck the end of my ponytail in as noted in the instructions. I actually find these pins very frustrating to use. My hair does not feel secure with these pins. I can't return them either since I threw the box away. I am determined to master these pins. I also feel that my hair isn't long or thick enough for these to work properly.

    Maybe I'll find another use for my Bumble Texturizing cream - I am still trying to make that work as well!

  • Copper Etiquette

    I am going to have to try this, it looks neat.

  • dawn

    i bought these pins last winter + they are the best. i think two works best on medium or fine hair. maybe for the thicker hair ladies (oh, i'm jealous!), it will take a few more.

  • Achara

    I bought the spin pins a few months ago because my roommate had some and they looked cool. I have really thick hair down to my mid back and it holds all of my hair up really well. An awesome hair tool!

  • Brie

    I use spin pins almost daily (because even if I begin with my hair down, it almost always goes up later in the day!) and they're wonderful. I own a set of two and that's all I use. Sometimes I'll secure my hair in a ponytail with an elastic first, before knotting the hair and securing the pins, but more often than not, a knot and the pins are all I do. A few hairs fall down here and there but that's the idea!