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Monica McPherson, Chanel

Monica McPherson

After the Chanel show, March 8th 2011

“Well, I just got off the plane this morning [laughs], and this is what my hair does when I get off the plane, so I just threw it up, stuck a couple of bobby pins in there, and put on a crown!

I love a really good moisturizer—I use Vivité—and…I really don’t wear a lot of makeup. MAC powder, a good mascara, good eyeliner—Chanel—and that’s about it.”

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  • Elena

    Beautiful girl. I am also intrigued by that thing in her hair...Is it a barette?

  • Jaime

    Love your site and (love that you show some diversity in your subjects). I check it daily. Would love it if you featured some darker models in your "The Makeup" feature.

    • smartsx

      I concur! :o)
      great great site.

      • Aya

        Me too.
        And I love your site. Everyone's interesting, unique and real. You're doing a wonderful job and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Thank you!

        • Emily

          Thanks Aya & Chic Noir! xE

  • Nikyta

    I can only sympathise with Monica as boarding a plane my hair was straight, exiting it was naturally curly.

  • David

    I love your blog! It always gives me new products to know about and of course beautiful inspirations!

  • JF

    Where is that gorgeous headband from? I love it, and I need it! Any info? <3

  • Edwina@FASHION+ART

    Jaime beat me to it. I just found your site and the diversity you feature is very refreshing.

  • Jaleesa Jaikaran

    Very pretty girl


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