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Mélanie Huynh, Stylist

Melanie Huynh

“The thing that is very important is to take off your makeup every evening, before you go to bed. And then when I wake up I just use [Bioderma] Créaline, after my bath or shower. Then I put on some cream—it’s a very natural cream—for night I use Yon Ka, and then for day I use Ducray, it’s French. My skin is very sensitive—I can’t put any eye cream around my eyes because I have a strong allergy, so I just use Avène. It’s not expensive at all. I always use a black eye pencil from MAC. And for my foundation, I use Estée Lauder. When I go out, sometimes I’ll do a lipstick—from Chanel, the one with Vanessa Paradis [Rouge Coco]. There’s a red one. And I want to try the new one from Kate Moss for Dior [Dior Addict]; I haven’t tried it yet. I think hair looks great when you eat healthy—I don’t do much to mine, but I eat really healthily—lots of quinoa, seaweed. I think everything comes from inside. But I’ve always loved beauty.”

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  • http://www.sarahguenet.com Sarah

    Fresh, healthy and simple -the words that define what real beauty is all about.

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com The Procrastinator

    I'm so ready to change into my summer skin routine, I've already started on new summer make up here -http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/2011/04/summer-essentials.html

    Also, one of my goals is to attempt quinoa at home this summer. Wish me luck!

    • Kat

      You don't really need luck - you need to know how to get water to boil ;) But still, sure, good luck - have at it!

  • http://theformergirlatbar.blogspot.com/ Alexis

    Ha, I have been thinking more and more about quinoa and how I need to incorporate more of it in my diet. I often buy it at the cafe in my gym - it's pricey. I know I can prepare this myself for $$$ less!

    Also, I have been trying to take my skincare more seriously. I made my first pricey night serum purchase, NARS EFA Night Infusion. I just hope it doesn't make my skin breakout.

    • http://amberfairweather.blogspot.com/ amber – the line sheet

      You should get a box of it at Trader Joe's for $3! It will last you a month and it's so easy to make. Just throw it in water...

  • http://unpretentiousbouquetofparentheses.blogspot.com Camille

    I think it's quite charming that she remembers lipsticks by who was doing advertisement for them!

  • http://www.simonelovesmakeup.com Simone G

    I like Melanie's attitude; fresh, clean and simple. No doubt she will age gracefully and with fantastic skin at that!

  • Ashley

    I'd like to incorporate more seaweed into my diet...how does she cook/use it in recipes? (besides sushi rolls!)

  • Ashley

    Yay Melanie! She's one of my favourite VP girls (although she no longer works there she still remains a favourite).

  • http://pisforploy.wordpress.com Ploy

    Wasn't she also a French Voguette? I'm liking these consistent tips on being gentle on your skin - my face has never felt more balanced and less irritated since I've been reading about how to treat your skin with care.

  • danielle

    so gorgeous. emily, could you do a piece on this fascinating French principle of never using soap on one's face? as an american i just don't understand, but i would really like to! x x x x

  • Amanda

    Love Mel...definitely miss her P Vogue days.

  • http://byanewyorker.blogspot.com/ Mari

    I concur with Danielle above.

  • PhotoGirl

    She's so beautiful! Luck of the genetic draw, too, I'm sure.
    @Danielle, I'm American, but have not put soap on my face since I was about 13. That was a VERY long time ago. My dry skin just can't tolerate it. I use Crealine or Cetaphil.

  • Lauren

    Don't forget to rinse the quinoa for a few minutes first, before cooking it. It removes the bitter coating. Also tastes especially good if you cook it with stock. Good luck!

  • http://itsallbeautytome.blogspot.com leinti nti

    she is very beautiful...but i am amused by the fact that lots of girls that are featured on this blog dont like wearing colour (they have a preference for a bare face). is colour a taboo? i am sure you don;t want your face to look like a mask but I love a bit of colour on the eyes or on the lips...just a thought :)

  • c

    quinoa is soo delicious. but the ny times recently covered how quinoa's popularity in the western world harms the native bolivian culture.. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/20/world/americas/20bolivia.html really sobering reminder of the social implications of the food i eat! especially the trendy food. i've been avoiding it.

  • T London

    I'm guessing the Ducray cream, if anyone is interested, is what is called A-derma in the UK. I use their exomega face/body cream as I have super sensitive skin. I believe it's an Aveeno style oatmeal based cream suitable for sensitive and baby skin. My big tube says Ducray on the back.


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