Lauren Remington Platt, Vênsette

Lauren Remington Platt

Vênsette is for women on the go, and we offer professional hair and makeup in under 90 minutes—we come to you, in a uniform, with the best products available. I created this company because I really saw a need in the market. It’s not so much about product—there’s really great product out there, especially when you reach a certain price point—it’s about service. I used to work in finance and I would often go from the office to an event, and I’d have maybe 45 minutes to get ready, and if I was lucky, during my lunch break I could run across the street to a hole in the wall salon and get my hair blown out for $30. But when it came to makeup, there was really no viable option to get your makeup done. Many women can do their makeup and they will, but for the big events, why do it if it’s not your strong suit. Yes you can paint your house or your living room, but there’d be streaks and it may not look great. But if you hire a professional, it’s just always going to look so much better. And because I’m hiring professional artists—they’re doing shoots, they’re doing fashion week, they’re seeing all the trends—they’re on the cutting edge of beauty. If you go to a salon, they’re just giving you the cut and dry of what they learned in beauty school. Our clients are socialites and Upper East Side mothers, yes, but also a lot of women in finance, lawyers…we’re doing a judge next week!

A huge part of my day is testing hair and makeup artists—the requirement of the company is that after they’ve finished their training and demos, they have to do all the looks on me. The idea being that, if I’m not happy with something, I’m not going to send the artist out to clients until we address how we can improve. So I take a shower in the morning and wash my hair with Shu Uemura, and use a little Kérastase leave-in conditioner. I go to Michael Angelo at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor for color—he’s incredible. He knows how to do blonds to tee—he really works around your skin tone. I will never go somewhere else. In terms of skincare, I used to use DDF—they have a great face wash with 5% glycolic acid—and I really like that it was created by a dermatologist and is super basic. I don’t like to get too fancy with my skin care. And then a friend recommended this company called Gunilla of Sweden. It’s made by a top laboratory in Sweden, and there’s zero marketing, zero packaging, but it’s an incredible price point for an incredible product. It’s aloe based as opposed to water based, there’s not a lot of filler, so I’ve recently switched to that and I’ve been super happy with it. I like Lancôme eye makeup remover, it’s just a classic that every woman should have, and I’ve become a fan of Estée Lauder’s toners. That’s what we use in our company. I also give myself facials at the gym—I love the steam room, so I’ll bring this Fresh Sugar face scrub that I love, and this great organic clay mask from Gunilla of Sweden, and exfoliate and sit in the steam room with the mask on for 15 minutes. People look at me like I’m crazy.

Before I started my company, I used to get my makeup done at the Chanel counter at Bloomingdales, which was just around the corner from my office. I found this girl, she was twenty-two, she loved doing makeup; she’s actually working with my company now! So I’d buy a few products each time, and now most of my makeup is Chanel. My favorite is their foundation, all the formulas. The three things I really use everyday though are bronzer, mascara and concealer. Because bronzer you can really use as a lip, or an eye—you can mix it with your cream and it will give you a great tone. I use Physician’s Formula bronzer, which is great because it comes in three shades. I wear lipstick at night or if I have a meeting—I think it gives you a really polished, pulled together look…like earrings. I always wear earrings when I go to a meeting. I love Armani #400—it’s their red, and it’s universally flattering. I did a huge amount of research on lipsticks for Vênsette, and really like Armani because there’s no glitter, or shimmer, and the consistency is great. I’m also a really big fan of fake eyelashes—sometimes I wear fake eyelashes, lip gloss, and that’s it. Duane Reade has really good ones for $4. My roommate from college, upon graduation, told me, 'Lauren, I’ve learned a lot from living with you, but the one thing I’ll never be able to thank you for enough is the discovery of fake eyelashes.'"

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  • Marcela

    She does look like someone who takes good care of her skin and hair. It would be nice to have that kind of service in my country.
    Love the blog.

    A Caluanda

  • iben

    Seems like a great idea! She is such an entrepenur. All the best luck to her!

    Love Despite color

  • Ann Marie

    Vensette is such a great idea! I wish I had something like that when I was working downtown Chicago in finance...I oft would dash from work to the gym so I could fix my hair/makeup and change, or pop over to the closest department store (Macys) and hit the Chanel counter as well :). Great tips in this article!


  • Lisa C

    I love this idea! If only it were in San Francisco and, um, half the price. (Or maybe I'm just not the target demographic.) Especially since our beloved Fillmore Shu Uemura store has closed (Tokyo lash bar!).

    Lauren, I love your philosophy of skin care and I wish you luck on this business!

  • Kat

    Love the puppy!

  • Gunilla of Sweden Hydro-Organic Skin Care

    Hello Lauren,
    We wanted to thank you and compliment you on such an inspired concept as "Vensette" and for your support of our Hydro-Organic Skin Care products. Most all the adverting and marketing that is done is done directly to the professional skin care community and they are who uses most of our products on their clients at some of the best skin care clinics. Since price is very important to the skin care professional as a company we decided to put more money into the quality of ingredients and not so much into the packaging, this way we can stay under $40 and so many Gunilla users do appreciate the price point.

    Again thank you for using Gunilla products, we do so appreciate it and as with all customers simply call us with any questions or needs, our customer support is even more important than our ingredients...866-551-5505....

    Gunilla of Sweden...

  • LuckyD

    Sounds like a great service and makes sense that we'd learn about it on ITG!
    Also, I always get my hair blown out at Michael Angelo's Wonderland, his entire staff is so well trained. (And they love dogs!)

  • Lennon

    I love Wonderland and Michael is the only man I have ever trusted with my color and cut!!

  • mj

    Vensette is a great girl

  • patty

    Great hair color and the cutest dog ever! I will check out Gunilla, also.

  • lauren

    So many great things to try from this blog! I'll def check out Vensette, along with Gunilla of Sweden and Wonderland. Thanks!
    xoxo Lauren

  • Jane

    Emily, I love your blog.

    You should write a top shelf post about yourself.

  • Copper Etiquette
  • Mélissa

    I love your article ! And the puppy ! It's a cocker ?

  • anita

    Lauren is so pretty! We both wear the same shade of Armani 400 : )

  • Donna

    Vensette sounds too elitist for my taste; however, kudos to Ms. Lauren for venturing to fill that niche. Best of luck to you, Lauren!

    I'm very thankful for this post as the Gunilla of Sweden skin care sounds like just the thing I've been looking for, and I'd never heard of it before now. Organic, reasonably-priced, AND they care about providing real assistance to their customers?!?? I've got to make myself acquainted with this line! What really clenches it for me is their apparent focus on putting quality ingredients into their products over what kind of fancy bottle they go in, or what overpaid celebrity they can get for advertising. Hope it's as good as they say. (I really don't care what rich & famous person uses it--I just need it to work!)

  • Idalia

    Stay ionfmrative, San Diego, yeah boy!

  • Larou

    Interesting concept, but too elitist fort taste. Those gunilla products contain parabens, pegs, formaldehyde based preservatives and other stuff. What do these ingredients have to do in organic skincare? Typical greenwashing I would say.

    • Donna

      I completely agree with you about the greenwashing thing--that deceitfulness is getting to be quite rampant.

      I ordered the Lerosett trial and have been using it sometimes as a full face mask before showering (much easier/less messy to rinse it off in there) and sometimes at night before bed as a spot treatment. I had my usual monthly chin breakout last week and the mask cleared it up in just a few days without drying my skin and without leaving scars, so I'm liking it so far. I have the tube here in front of me and the only two ingredients in the Lerosett clay treatment mask are Rasul clay and distilled water. I was quickly able to ask for an extention on my trial period via their site's live support and their customer service representative (I believe her name was Danielle) did extend the trial for me and also asked if I had any questions, so I was also able to get a couple questions I had about the product answered while there (namely that I only need to apply a very thin, almost transparent layer, which will make the tube last much longer than I had originally thought it would). I was greatful I didn't have to pick up the phone or send an e-mail followed by weeks of waiting for a reply. I will probably repurchase the mask and I believe my money will be well spent on a quality product and company that pays attention to their customers. As I haven't tried them, I can't attest to their other products yet. I'll repost if I do.

      Do you have any organic skin care products you love, Larou? Would love to hear about them!

    • Sven

      You must be talking about their AKTA line thats 70% hydro organic aloe, well that will rot in a few weeks without methy parabens. They dont use butyl or ethy parabens, thats the bad stuff. The main product line is LEROSETT, there are no bad chemicals at all. As the mater of fact, I dont know of any organic skin care brand that has a higher "oil-free" organic content than Gunilla of Sweden. Organic skin care means high-content of organic plant matter, not a non existent preservative content. Every product they make is at least 70% Organic Aloe and there main product LEROSETT Clay that everyone talks about is heat treated clay and water, nothing else.

      There is no more organic skin care than Gunilla of Sweden, and nobody wants an oil based product to put on their face.

  • Sven

    She's a great entrepreneur because she sees how important customer service is. Anymore products and services are very similar its up to the customer service people and concept to keep people coming back. I like this article she mentioned Gunilla of Sweden too, I use there products for acne and they have great customer service, Im allergic to most synthetics in skin care so their acne products have the least "if no" synthetic chemicals in them, plus they have the highest organic plant content of any brand I have ever found and thats what I want for my skin. I think she has a great looking Facebook page too, and anymore thats a good way to read customer service issues.