Gaia Repossi, Jewelry Designer


"My skin care routine is really just washing my face at night, putting on lots of cream, and that’s it. LikeEmbryolisse, I’ve been using it for ages; my skin gets really irritated by chemicals and perfumes, and this is the best one really. They have it in all of the Paris pharmacies—I’m fully Italian but I grew up in France. I was with an American girlfriend of mine and we went to a pharmacy, and she said, 'Hi! Do you have Jane Birkin’s cream?' [Laughs] It was that one she was referring to. It was hilarious. I have lots of stuff for the body but not so much for the face—I don’t really wear makeup. There's a super good oil—Goe Oil—it’s from Brazil. I put it on my hair, my hands, my body. AndAesop has made my favorite body cream since I was seventeen—I used to fly to Paris from Italy and go to Colette to get it, before they had stores here. It’s an all-natural line from Australia; I love all their products but especially their body balm. I keep extra bottles of everything, because I don’t like going shopping so I need to have the stuff ready. I don’t like trying new products, unless they’re really natural or Ayurvedic. You wouldn’t see me in a huge store like Sephora.

Ayurvedic is Indian medicine, natural cures—herbal things for massages, beauty products; it’s based on plants. There’s an amazing spa on Greene Street in New York called Pratima; she’s an Indian lady, and she does amazing massages. She makes amazing products as well. They do drops for the face; also I get these drops from Liquiteria in New York, Liver and Kidney Lymph. I’m a big yogi and it’s all related—I’ve been to Sri Lanka for Ayurvedic cures. I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years. I go to Rasa in Montmartre. I take lots of supplements too—probiotics, vitamins, and I’m a raw foodist—vegan. I did a raw cure at a spa once, and I was like, ‘What is this, is this a joke?’ but it really works…after three days you’re like, ‘Whoa’. I cook a lot at home. For example, for breakfast I have sprouted seeds—buckwheat seeds, sunflower seeds—mixed with cinnamon. I eat lots of vegetables and lentils. My parents are quite international so they don’t think it’s strange but my Italian grandmother is like, ‘What is this, bird’s food?’ [Laughs] Lots of people doing yoga are vegan or very conscious of what they are putting into their bodies.

These are Odile Gilbert’s hair pins. She’s a hairdresser and a good friend of mine and she gave me some of them. I use them when I do yoga and all the girls always say, ‘I want one!’ [Laughs] I like strict hair, very neat. I’ve always used Bumble and bumble for the hair, especially the conditioner. I’ve tried using natural things but they just don’t hydrate well, especially because I’m blond. Giorgio at David Mallett colors it. I do my own nails but I love getting pedicures because I have a girl here who is amazing—Marie-Claude at the Ritz. She’s the best pedicure I’ve ever had, I’ve been going to her for five years.

I like beach-y smells and vanilla smells. I really likeSerge Lutens Datura Noir, or I mix the Prada perfumes. And I have all these Bach flower essences because I do lots of Reiki, and all the time the woman prescribes me stuff and it’s always changing, so I keep accumulating them. She puts the essences on her hands. Reiki is healing energies, so it’s not really a massage…they just balance your energy—if you’re blocked somewhere, they’ll spend time in that area. It’s in between stress release and body release. I started seeing this woman, Elsa, in Paris when I had a moment of being a bit down. I went there every week, and in a month or two I felt really great."

—as told to ITG

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  • Catherine

    That cat is the most adorable thing ever.

    • AMY

      yeah!! i am actually wondering, does anyone know if it is a specific breed of cat? it's so beautiful and i've always wanted a cat!

      • marylou

        yes, a beauty! i think he's a bengali. similar to abyssinian cats -- lithe and lively.

  • Dusty

    such a natural and healthy way to beauty (:


  • Tea

    More love to the Aesop body balms I say!

  • Jamie

    I love her natural approach to beauty, and I have to say, I am definitely on the same page when it comes to product loyalty and stocking up. Over the years I have settled on the products that work best for me, and I very rarely deviate from my routine in order to try something new. I also have entire closet dedicated to storing my extra bottles! I use a lot of Kiehl's for the body (body cream, body wash, deodorant, shaving cream), and the local salespeople always laugh when I come in because they know I'll be buying out the entire stock ;) xx

  • K

    That cat is amazing. What breed is it?

    • admin

      Her cat is a Bengal and her name is Petra! XEmily

  • HeyitsAlexp

    I love her suggestions for Ayurvedic beauty and skincare. I never realized this philosophy could be applied to beauty before, but if she has no need for makeup it must work very well.

  • Chantal Hughes

    I adore your blog. I'm always excited to see who and what is featured next. Had to repost this one
    because I'm a big fan of Gaia Repossi's work and her style!

  • LizH

    I loved reading this article, I love the simplicity of her beaty/health routine. Also.... I must know what breed of feline that is!

  • Julie

    "I’m a raw foodist—vegan."

    Then one sentence later: "I cook a lot at home."

    uh which is it? i think people just like to say they are raw vegans.

    • Hunter

      Just because she says she cooks a lot at home doesn't mean she's necessarily heating food up. She's just using the term cook to encompass the act of preparing raw vegan food at home. Get off your high horse and quit looking for any tiny reason to complain about someone that's just doing something they enjoy.

    • Kat

      Should she have gone into specifics instead?
      "I cut up, blend, dry, and shape produce often. In my kitchen. At home."

      I'm pretty certain the term 'cooking' doesn't demand temp's at above 40*C, and as such both her statements can be equally true :)

    • mimi

      eh i thought the same thing too ;)

  • Amanda

    Why in the world are those hair pins so expensive?!

    • Alexis

      I thought that same thing when I clicked on the link. I wish I knew about these pins (and that moisturizer) when I was in Paris - 4yrs ago!

  • Ginta

    Her cat really steals the show! :)))

    Thank you for the post! Gaia is really inspiring! I love her holistic approach to beauty.

  • Mari

    I absolutely love her! So elated you did a post.

  • Summer

    Pratima is really amazing!!! Both the spa and skin/body care. Great to see it on here.

  • mj

    what a beautiful beautiful cat

  • C

    I would love to know what the rings are next to her Odile Gilbert’s hair pins. What are those silver and gold rings?? I am so curious!!

    • Angelica

      They are Gia Repossi lol. She designs jewelry

  • stephanie

    Raw food still needs to be prepared(blended, chopped, mixed :) ), that is probably what she meant.
    Love her products and her beautiful cat.

  • Lisa C

    What a gorgeous healthy woman, what a cute cat!

    I have to say, for me it seems VERY complicated, like she's doing a ton of stuff. Natural is not always simple, but it clearly works for her!

  • Gina

    So excited to see Pratima mentioned here! Taking an Ayurvedic approach to skin care has been an absolute revelation for me. I have rosacea, and since switching to an Ayurvedic skin care regimen (which is super simple and affordable, by the way), I have been asymptomatic for about three years! I use some Pratima products, but also recipes for homemade oils and masks from Pratima's book "Absolute Beauty".

  • Cat

    It's a great blog! Sooo inspiring! Where does Elsa has her Reiki Office in Paris? xo

  • Anne

    julie - she may not "cook" the food. she could have used the tern "uncook" or prepare, which is what a lot of my raw foodie friends use.
    lisa - i agree her routine does seem complicated...she attends to everything (hair colored, pedicures, skin care). It is nice that she uses natural products though.

    hunter - a bit aggressive for the internet lol

  • kristi

    C - the rings are most likely from her own collection. her rings are stunning!

  • Ann Marie

    I love Aesop's products! Great article - I'll be checking out some of the other things she mentioned! :)

  • David

    I LOVE your blog! I always find new beauty products to try out! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  • jLA

    <3 the focus on natural beauty again!! thank you :) I am a fan of the "Absolute Beauty" book and it has inspired my own adventures in natural beauty. Hope one day to visit the spa in NYC.

  • Amelia

    Aesop is great! So happy that its getting some recognition outside Australia!

  • YL

    LOVE that she gets Reiki- very cool.

  • Ploy

    I agree with Gaia - yogis are often real conscious about what they put in and on their body. The payback is welcomed though, my skin has never felt more balanced now that I use more natural, organic lines such as Aesop and oils on my body.

  • Antoinette

    I really enjoyed that she talked so about using nature to heal and help. I think that more people should adopt that idea of using nature to help us.

  • Rach

    I adore Aesop, but I mostly adore THAT CAT! I sincerely hope he/she is a pretty little shelter cat and not a pedigree mog - so many cats need homes now.

    PS - if you're hankering for Odile Gilbert pins but not ready for the expense, head down to your nearest dance supply store and ask for Bunheads pins. They're curved like Odile Gilbert pins, and you can get quite large pins. I always use large French pins, rather than bobby pins, to put my hair up. There's a trick to it, but once you get it down it's so easy, plus they never dent my fine, thin hair, so when I let my hair out at the end of the day I have beautiful waves rather than a dented, crimped, frizzy mess.

    • LizH

      That thing about the hair pins was very helpful, many thanks :]

    • Alexis

      Thanks for the tip. I should ask one of my girlfriends - she happens to teach ballet.

    • Nicole Savoie

      great tip regarding the ballet pins !

  • erika

    your blog has inspired me to look at every vanity counter as artwork.

  • Faridah

    I check your blog almost every day for updates, especially hoping for The Top Shelf updates. The quality of the content of your blog is insightful and the people you feature are incredibly inspiring, and this lady's approach to beauty is a perfect example. Keep up the amazing blog!

  • Bianca

    She's right - Goe Oil is amazing. But it isn't from Brasil. It's made by a small family business ( based in Pennsylvania.

  • Hélène

    I'm looking for a yoga center in Montmartre... Rasa Yoga actually is close to Jardin du Luxembourg, if I'm right. Can we have the address of Gaia's yoga center? And the Reiki sounds amazing. I want to do it too! Xx

  • Cookie

    God that cat rules...makes me want another one so bad but I guess three is enough. YESS, Aesop rules, I am an Aussie living in SF and I found they stock it at Barneys - yay...I have been using their stuff for years, it's so so lovely and smells equally amazing...

  • I V Y

    just freakin' amazing, as always!


  • Em

    I must ask, what product is in the dark green & black tube? The packaging intrigues me. Thank you. :-)

    • Lesley

      that is Aesop Hand Balm and Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm.

      And to clarify Aesop are not an 'all natural' product. They are botanically based but do use minimal man made ingredients. No synthetic colour or fragrance though.

  • kriss

    she must be such a calm and relaxed person! very inspiring!

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup

    Your blog is wonderful. I admire your ability to connect with so many talented people, and how they allow you to enter their world so we can see their regimens. This cat is gorgeous. Thank you for your great writing!! I enjoy reading it.

  • Rach

    Em - that's an Aesop product. I believe it might be one of their body balms. Their website is at

  • Chidora

    Great post! I've been fighting my skin since I turned into a teenager, and I've just started branching out into more natural ways of skincare for my skin. I like you don't believe in exposing my face to synthetic chemicals, and I try to stay away from all that. Hopefully one day i will find a routine which I will love, with all natural ingredients!

  • B


    can you do some sort prom post soon? that would be terrific! :)

    Thanks, xx

  • Truben

    Love this site. The ingredients in embryolisse are not really clean though. Just a lot of not so good paraben substitutes. Sort of like sugar free...

  • mimi

    the cat is gorgeous! what a cutie.

    i don't "get" raw food veganism, but that's just a personal thing. if it works for her, more power to her!

    love aesop :)

  • marylou

    Got the Goe Oil she recommends -- it's genius and smells divine and it's from Pennsylvania. Slathering it allover my hands, face, body these days.

  • trucue

    she is not a true vegan, as she extensively wears leather and fur...JUST SAYIN'!

  • L.

    I love cats, cute. I also use some Ayurvedic things I think they're great when you used them well. Mostly the herbs/powders for my hair. I mix the oils and powder together.

  • Rose

    I think I have a major girl-rush on her! She's beautiful and talented and has great taste and style. I want to run out and buy everything she's recommended.... in the hopes I'll look as good as she does!

  • Mia

    Great blog. Interesting how so many women in the fashion/beauty business do not wear makeup.
    Here is an article about women who do not wear makeup:

  • Aya

    I'm in love with her Bengal cat!

  • Bronny Mc Guinness

    The Goe Oil, is the most amazing product ever!! it is the ultimate "all in one" moisturiser. Goe oil can be used for the face, body, hands, even to tame flyaway hair. Formulated with 28 plant flower and fruit butters and oils, the quality is amazing and the tiniest little bit goes a very long way. It is so hydrating , you will not believe your skin, as it actually replaces natural oils , that we all lose due to age, weather and that dreaded airconditioning, its the best thing on a long flight! It can be purchased through

  • Piper

    can we get some more specifics on her raw diet? the whole sprouted seeds and cinnamon breakfast sounds so good!

  • Melissa

    I love her aproach to beauty as I also follow the same, I use organic and natural items and love my flower essences, and that Goe oil is amazing. but it has to be said how one who says to be so into natural organic and well being items and calls herself a vegan wears so much fur! I am not a vegan and I would never ever think of wearing fur, as a matter of fact I am trying to curve my leather purchases, Mulberry and Chanel are my down falls but I'm trying to be a bit more aware and limit myself.

  • Mel

    how can you say you're a vegan if you wear fur and leather? other than that I like her simple and NATURAL (not vegan) approach to beauty

  • TinaOurWonderLust

    I love Goe Oil! It smells fantastic and keeps me moisturized all day:


  • kat

    So she eats uncooked lentils ?


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