Denise Kreft, Senior Account Executive, BPCM

Denise Kreft

"I’m a beauty publicist—I work with Diptyque, Tata Harper, Sisley Paris, Haven Spa and Eve Salon. I’ve always loved beauty—it’s funny, my family wanted me to get into fashion because they were in the industry, and I think beauty was my way of rebelling against them. [Laughs] I’m super duper picky about what I use. I’ll try everything but skin care; I have really picky, acne-prone skin. I’ve had to tell skin care clients before, ‘There’s no way I could try your stuff.’ I like Tata Harper’s line. The only reason I tried Tata is because A. If you meet the woman, her skin looks flawless, and B. Because all the products are 100% natural. My skin reacts to chemicals once in a while, so I switched over to her stuff, just because there’s literally nothing bad in it. Her cleanser and her floral spray are my favorites, but I also love the Nutrient Complex, which is kind of like this little roller ball facial oil. For SPF I use the Sisley All Day All Year. Anybody who lives in the city needs to wear SPF—I apply it in the morning, mid-day…the Sisley isn’t greasy. I don’t wear makeup to work. If I ever do, it’s a bold lip or a brow. Right now I’m wearing MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Love Forever.  It’s one of the only pinks that’s ever worked on me, and it stays on forever—I don’t have to worry about reapplying it every fifteen minutes. Sometimes I’ll wear tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier—seriously I’ve tried them all, and it’s the best one for me. It’s gotten a ton of awards, and usually I get really hesitant to try those things because I know certain editors have to talk about certain brands for a reason, but this tinted moisturizer is really good. For under-eye concealer, I use Clé de Peau. That’s the best concealer on the market. And sometimes I’ll pencil in my brows a little. Yasmin at Haven has spent two years working on my eyebrows, shaping them, and eyebrows seriously make such a huge difference. She’ll tell you, ‘They can take years off your face, they can add years to your face, they can make you look angry, they can make you look happy.’ And it’s completely true—if your brows look good, you don’t need much makeup."

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  • Marian

    You have a truly wonderful eye, your images always bring each post to vibrant life.
    Glam Kisses,

  • The Procrastinator

    I ADORE the Mac LoveForever Lip Creme. For a fun twist I pair it with the orange one for a two-toned Ungaro lip. Check it out here to see what I mean

    Do you know if she uses a brow colour or if it's all just shaping? Thanks!!

  • Sarah

    She really looks lovely and that lip color is superb and so of the moment!

  • Marcela

    Love the lips and the jaket

  • Tied Up And Tousled

    Lovely article. She has a sparkling personality and an amazing job.

  • Angelica

    Some of the most exquisite skin I've ever seen. No wonder she hardly wears make up!

  • kriss

    she looks really beautiful and the lip colour fits her perfectly! adorable!

  • Joanna

    Such a lovely photo. And what a beauty, too!

  • Christina

    She's stunning. Love the fact she sticks to her guns despite being in the beauty industry.

  • LuckyD

    I just got home from my first-ever appointment with Yasmin... I'm really happy with my brows, she's thorough and precise.
    I know she's the brow artist of choice for so many fashion women in NY, so I always just assumed she was tres expensive -- I was SO wrong! When I went to pay and heard the total, I thought it was an error and said "No, I got my eyebrows done with Yasmin."
    That's a great feeling, thank you!

  • anne

    For someone who claims to be so picky about beauty and so afraid of chemicals, she sure has an interesting mix of chemical-laden products that cost an arm and a leg (I suppose they seem natural compared to most drug store products).

    That Sisley All Day All Year cream is a waste of $400. The SPF on it is a measly 8, and it's primary ingredient is Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate. If that's not a chemical I don't know what is. Even the Tata Harper products are chock full of chemicals: Sodium Hyaluronate, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl Olivate, and Sorbitan Olivate to name a few. These are chemicals, plant-derived are not, there is no difference.

    I think most people don't actually RESEARCH the ingredients in the products they use. A company says "all natural," "no chemicals," charges $300/ounce and people think it's a miracle serum. It scares me that people are so easily fooled...

    • Wendell

      Anne, I thought the same when I read this post. If the products make her feel good and she can afford them, that's fine. For me, I'd rather spend some time researching ingredients, and spending my money on quality products, essentials oil and organics oils and making my own concoctions ; )

    • Mary

      You do know that everything is made of chemicals, even natural things.

  • chantelle

    She has wonderful skin! I completely agree, eyebrows change my entire face once I get them done. Too bad I'm so LAZY. And I also have acne-prone skin if I don't watch what I put on it. And what I eat. I am finishing up Dr. Wu's "Feed Your Face Diet" and it has been an eye-opener.

    • Coffee and Blueprints

      Completely agree with Chantelle, Dr Wu’s book has definitely helped my skin and been an eye opener. I think she looks fantastic, simple but beautiful.

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup

    I'm a fan of the mac pro long wear lip creams too!!!

  • michele

    Love the lip and love your blog...

  • Laura

    Great interview, she has such a sparkling personality, great style and beautiful skin! Thank you.

  • Danielle

    Wow---wasn't expecting the "I know certain editors have to talk about certain brands for a reason" But glad she laid it out there.

  • Patricia Ann

    I'm glad that more and more women are putting on focus on their eyebrows. Most would say mascara is their must have product if they had to only choose one, but I have to say an eyebrow pencil would be for me. I love a full, "healthy" looking brow. I feel so bad for all those girls who think that they have such thick eyebrows and over pluck them. :(

  • The Clean Beauty Blog

    Tata Harper has such beautiful products, and her face shows the results... she's so stunning! And love the lip colour on her.


    thats infront of 40 bond love that building love her face!

  • Kora

    I remember Denise from her blue sky days...good for her! I'm going to try that looks pretty.

  • Isabella

    she is a doll.

  • Raluca | WhatWouldGwynethDo

    Doesn't wear make up to work! Wow, must be so nice...! And seriously good brows.

  • Kathleen

    You have natural beauty! Love that lip on you

  • miracle serum

    You look very pretty in the photo. You have really nice lips it makes me envious...

  • jdi

    nice article...but you may want to tryjdi miracle serum. It can help you have a firm tone in the face