Lisa Marie Fernandez, Designer/Fashion Stylist


"I’m pretty earthy, I’m pretty natural, but I like a good product—I like a good everything. Rose-Marie Swift is a makeup artist who I work with a lot on shoots, and she got me to switch everything to natural and organic, like natural deodorant. Because I’m always traveling, I keep all my toiletries in pouches or my Valextra leather case—I love beautiful luggage.

In the morning I shower with the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, and Dr. Bronner’s soap for my body. Then I put on Ligne St. Barth Avocado oil or Santa Maria Novella Almond oil, which is really beautiful, it smells so good. I’ll switch off the oils—I think the body gets used to stuff. But I’m all about oil, not creams. So every morning I slather the oil on straight from the shower, then I wrap myself in a big robe and marinate—I’ll have a green tea, do my emails, ring my boyfriend in England. I’m someone who likes the leisurely process of relaxing and hanging out before going out. I love Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil for the face, and Jurlique masks. Moisture Replenishing, and the Intense Recovery mask is great for sunburns. I got this really cool tool from the Jurlique store; it crimps any tube and pushes all the product down. I don’t wash my face at night, do you know why? I love how eyeliner looks in the morning. That bed hair and bed makeup—no makeup artist can recreate that. But the best makeup remover is Rose-Marie's Raw Coconut Cream.

So when I do my makeup I just dump it all out on the bed, from a Hermès pouch. I love YSL bronzing cream with a little sunblock in it—clearly I need to get another tube, but I can't find it anywhere! I’ve been using these cute little Shiseido mascara samples a bunch; I got those at a fashion show. Also Jill Stuart’s mascara, from her makeup line—it’s huge in Japan. It’s really good. RMS Lip2Cheek color in Smile is a great versatile product, and I use her Un-Coverup. I think foundation is the worst thing you can put on your face, because of all the chemicals—I think it makes you age faster. Plus it just makes you look so ‘made up’; it’s not cool. The liquid eyeliner, Eyeliner Noir, from YSL: I love. I don’t wear much makeup day to day, but let me tell you—I can do makeup and hair really well. Cat eyes, smokey eyes, my friends’ kids playing dress up. You learn a lot from working on shoots all the time. I prefer dewy to matte for real life; I love a ‘dry’ look on a shoot but I’m a beach girl—I don’t mind being a little greasy.

I’m really low maintenance with my hair: I’ve never dyed it, and I don’t put any styling products in it. I switch off shampoos: I like Kérastase, but I recently discovered Frédéric Fekkai Glossing shampoo andconditioner with olive oil, which is really good. I always do it myself; I don’t like how it looks when it’s ‘blown out’—that’s a New York thing, I think. Women in England and France don’t do that. Well, certain women do. But it just makes you look so Upper East Side. It doesn’t look nice. I blow dry it but not completely, so it still has a little wave, and it kind of takes on this ‘70’s thing on its own. I always wear it down. It’s always in my food. [Laughs]

I’ve never worked out in my whole life and then this summer I started going to Tracy Anderson, and let me tell you—I got ripped in six weeks. Now I’ll go to Physique 57 every once in a while, but I’m not a huge workout girl. I like to look soft and really natural."

—as told to ITG

Lisa Marie is wearing a dress from her namesake collection of swim and ready-to-wear.

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  • http://TalesofEndearment Natalie Joos

    Lisa Marie must be one of the sexiest women in New York. She has this mysterious, seductive allure. Love the 70's wave in her hair and dark eyes. I agree with Lisa about the foundation. Once you start, you can't stop. I'm all about natural, organic products. It just makes more sense. Nice post Emily xxx

    • admin

      Aw, thanks Nat! I agree...LMF is hella sexy. x

  • Elaine

    I love her honesty and her nonchalant attitude towards make up! It's refreshing.

  • Cece

    Possibly my favorite post. I agree with a lot of the things she is saying, about foundation and blow dried hair looking "very upper east side." hahaha

  • AlexP

    I adore the shot of all the products splayed out on the fur throw. And good for Lisa for bucking the trend for getting ripped. I'm also totally over it.

  • steffy

    you look gorgeous!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Michele

    Love this post! Organic skincare is the way to go and I agree that foundation only makes your look old. Stay away from it - hide flaws with a bit of concealer and let your real skin show. So sexy!

    • Guzmangraciela

      I went foundation free yesterday, only put on some concealer around my ayes and some spots and loved it. I'm going to do that more often.

  • Allie

    oh my god, i MUST get that jurlique crimper. amazing!

  • ladivasosa

    I LOVE this post and her natural and low maintenance approach to beauty and health.

  • Amanda

    I live for these topshelf posts! I'd love to see more :^)

  • Alexis

    Thanks for spotlighting Lisa Marie - I'm starting to miss my dark, un-processed hair. I will stop feeling bad for not having perfectly "blown out" hair, too!

    I would LOVE to lounge around like that in the morning but when you work a regular 9 hour job with the extra morning challenge of getting your 2 yr old ready for pre-school it can only happen if I'm away on vacation.

    She's utterly fabulous...

  • Antoinette

    this by far has been my favorite post! She is so pretty!

  • jLA

    great post! Love the organic emphasis! Why not extend that to hair care as well? Shampoo is just so harsh. You got these questionable ingredients soaking into your scalp and running down all over your warmed up, most intimate bits... well except for that lady that never washes her own hair lol... anyway, something to think about?

  • Kat

    I like how she prefers the"undone" look, where it looks really natural and isn't super high maintenance. Can't say it enough, I LOVE these kinds of posts!

  • iben

    She is looking really good, and such nice pictures!

    Love Despite color

  • Annie

    Lisa Marie has a great sense of style!

  • Marlena

    Why do some women need to highlight they have an Hermes makeup bag to feel better about themselves? I love the Top Shelf section and find women, ex. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, so inspiring. True beauty and class are humble, they don't need to flash their tags. Let the products and daily routine speak for themselves.

    • Mary

      I was just going to make a little remark about the Hermes bit.

      • Lisa C

        I don't think that's fair...ITG is ASKING her about the nitty gritty details! Plus, what is make up all about but making yourself feel better...not such a difference between the fancy lipstick and the fancy bag, no?

  • Stephanie

    To echo the sentiments of your other readers, I love the this feature. I keep wishing I could enlarge the photos a bit.

  • Ivana

    Her casual attitude towards everything is amazingly refreshing - and she isn't afraid to look 'slept in'!
    Why can't Jurlique give away those crimper things?! So useful!

    • Lisa C

      I covet the crimper!

  • mimi

    im all for casual/low-maintenance but not washing your makeup off before bed is not something i would ever do.

  • Dee

    She's lovely and seems very comfortable with her beauty. I appreciate that. However, this blog features a lot of people who are pretty harsh about using foundation. Lisa thinks the chemicals are horrible for skin. Well some are and some are less so. Just like most products nowadays, there are some cleaner choices in foundation. And looking at some of the items listed here, it seems inappropriate for her to think she can make that call for someone else. I also don't understand how it accelerates aging. Maybe someone else can elaborate.

    Natalie Joos has twice said that once you start wearing foundation you can't stop. It's makeup not methamphetamines. Liking the effect it has on your face does not automatically mean you wont' show up in public without it. It doesn't necessarily decrease your confidence in your own beauty. It's enhancement just like many of the other products mentioned. If a person knows what to use and how to apply it lightly it won't look too made up. (If she applies it heavily and likes to look made up, Godspeed.)

    Lastly, that most of the people featured here are heavily involved in the beauty and fashion industries that works overtime to sell women the "perfectista" ideal, it's kind of ugly to find so many them having such poor attitudes about the people who purchase the products and lifestyles they schill.

    These women are indeed beautiful and take good care in maintaining themselves. They also seem pretty happy with who they are, which is nice. I love it and that's why I return. But some of them also come off as a tad too judgmental of us non-industry plebes.

    • maggie

      All of these are very good points. I get the feeling that many of these women are not really aware of the irony of their low-maintenance claims, however.

    • Style Wonderland

      Great point!!!!! thanks! I think you covered pretty much everything I wanted to say!

  • Angelica

    She is the perfect poster child for that natural, sexy, bohemian look that I am totally feeling right now. And her bathing suits are so crazy beautiful! Love her!

  • amarie

    is there a name for the jurlique crimper thingy? i need one in my life. searched on the site and i can't find it. is it just in their stores?

  • Elena

    Totally agree with Dee. Great post. I appreciate Lisa Marie's honesty, but...Please tell me how can someone who suffered from cystic acne for last 20 years (I've done Accutane twice, plus everything else out there, if that tells you something) have perfect skin that doesn't need foundation? I do my best, I use my Cle De Peau and Natura Bisse skincare and spend a fortune on Cle de Peau foundation and La Prairie powders - some of the best stuff money can buy - but still someone else judges me and says that "foundation makes people look old" etc etc. I run my own business and need to look made up and be at the office at 8am, so no time for lounging with green tea and covering all imperfections and postacne scars with concealer will take me an hour that I don't have. Please don't be so judgmental about us less-glamorous gals. We work hard and are actually the ones who buy all these cosmetics. PS: Cle De Peau Cream Foundation (in a tube) is amazing when used very sparingly over well-moisturized face (Cle De Peau Serum Eclat and Natura Bisse’s Diamond Drops on top).

  • Ash

    Agreed re foundation. I have some faint acne scars on my cheeks -- and pale skin that reddens easily -- so I apply a tiny bit of Clinique Redness Solutions with a brush. Redness Solutions has proven to be the best, most natural looking liquid foundation on me. After that I use Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent (another great product). Less is more. I've even stopped using my Laura Mercier Secret Under Eye Concealer -- I have moderate dark circles -- because it was too much makeup for that tender area. Turns out my under eye area looks better without it! Point being, foundation is fine -- even great -- in moderation. It takes a lot of experimenting to find that one shade, consistency, and application method that works best for your skin.

  • amber

    I would rather have skin that doesn't need foundation than an Hérmes bag. That is what I envy!

  • PhotoGirl

    Holy Hotness, this woman is beautiful!
    That said, Dee makes many excellent points with which I agree. Very well said.
    And although I'm "nobody," and thus perhps not interesting enough to say so, I'm never giving up my foundation (Makeup Forever Hi Def, since this is a tell-all beauty blog) because wearing it makes me feel happy about the way I look. Isn't that the whole point? In this day and age, why should anyone allow herself to be dictated to? Do what's right for you!

    Now that I've got that off my chest, where can I buy that tube crimping device?

  • Rach

    Thank you, Dee. One thing that really bugs me is that few of these women seem to use sunscreen. As a pale, pale, pale Australian it's drilled into me that nothing, NOTHING is more damaging to your skin than the sun. Whenever someone starts pontificating about the ills of chemicals, I wonder if that extends to micronized titanium or avobenzone. Without sunscreen I'd look twice my age and have that dreadful rough, red 'road map' decollete that plagues women in my country.

    • Lisa C

      Here here! I have been wearing sunscreen under my make-up (or lack thereof) everyday since I was in 10th grade, and I'm 34 now. I can already see it's paying off. I just won't buy a day cream without SPF 20 or more, and I'm puzzled at why so many companies don't include sunscreen. (For the record I like DDF when I'm flush and Neutrogena when I'm broke.) You would think these fashion ladies would be on that...but then again, many many fashion industry people, esp models, smoke--the other worst thing for your skin!

  • Dawn

    she's refreshing, different--- natural. I like her perspective on makeup a lot, nowadays it's all about how do we cover this and fix that, if we put less chemicals on our faces in the first place, we'll have less issues with our skins. I went bare faced everyday until college; I only started wearing foundation religiously last year -I can't stop except on super busy/lazy days and weekends. My skin looks fine without makeup but it looks better, awake, defined and glows more with foundation and blush. I'm greedy so I like to look my best by applying powder/ foundation even on days that my skin looks super clear and flawless.

    im low maintenance on hair too.
    haha i love the part about waking up with bed hair and messy, smokey eyeliner in the morning-- i agree-- it's so sexy.

    oil or cream, hm I think both are good but too much oil can clog your pores.

    i want that squeezer thing for my hand cream tube, i wonder where they sell those.

  • Nina

    This is just a fantastic blog. Emily, you have such an eye, the photos and content are just wonderful - and Top Shelf is The Bomb! And more recently, the comments section is becoming fascinating as well. For Elena - have you ever tried Mario Badescu products (I am not affiliated with them in any way)? Not pricey at all and it might help with the cystic acne. They have a product called buffering lotion that really works. Their facials are great too - hope you are in NYC, but you can get the products from the website.

    • Elena

      Thank You, Nina! Appreciate the advice... I tried MB's Silver Powder, masks and Glycolic Acid Wash and they have become a staple in my routine. I must try the buffering lotion now. What I find helpful is using my prescription acne cream at least twice a week, using my Clarisonic, keeping my skin hydrated, not touching it. Lasers and peels help with scarring and post-acne. Also, with age, stress seems to affect my skin much more strongly, so I try to have a little more relaxed attitude towards daily annoyances and keep things in perspective. Once I let stress get to me - boom - we got a pimple somewhere almost immediately. Food plays a big role also, so I try to stay away from white bread, sugar and anything over-processed. But I will never give up my dark chocolate, 60% and more cocoa..that's antioxidant for me. And of course - the Omegas and the vitamins...Seafood is my staple food for keeping skin plump, nothing better then some oily salmon on dark rye in the morning. Also, back to skincare - Natura Bisse makes this fantastic Stabilizing Mask that really takes care of all the clogged pores and existing pimples. I am hoarding that stuff. Sorry...that was long..heh

      • Aubrey

        Elena! Seriously, MB's buffering lotion is truly one of my go tos for any nasty cystic acne. Obviously it takes a bit o' time for any cys to subside, but the buffering lotion certainly speeds up healing without drying your face up or making it feel "crunchy." Also, check out Dr. Neal's site I learned about him from Candace Coopers blog "Kitt & Lux" and apparently she had amazing results with him. Dr. Neal sells his products online as well, in case you're unable to do the program where you meet up with his once a week in his office for progression checkups. Just so you know, I'm in no way affiliated with Dr. Neal, nor have I tried his products yet. Just passing along what Candace says (and her beautiful skin shows) really worked. Best of luck to you, fellow acne sufferer!

      • Cat

        Hi, just wondering what prescription you were using. I am planning to visit the derm soon and would like to go in with a plan for a new routine for the summer.
        Much appreciated!

  • jLA

    Thx, Dee for addressing the foundation issues! While I don't feel judged by women who are down on it, I did want more clarification.

    As someone who has recently discovered the improvement foundation can make, I was wondering if the people who implied it was addictive (lol) were referring to the LOOK that is addictive or implying that you will always need to wear it b/c it makes your skin worse?

    I sparingly using Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15, but will be looking for more natural choices (mineral makeup?) when the tube runs out.

    Rach your comment about sunscreen is also on point! You Aussies are ahead of the curve! :~j

  • Natalie

    Hi Rach! Well, you could always use a sunscreen containing zinc oxide. I believe Burt's Bees uses it in their organic sunscreens, however, I am pretty happy with my Invisible Zinc Environmental Face Protector!

  • Chloe

    I squinted hard enough to see that "Gill Mechanical" is printed on that tube wringer - A simple google/amazon search will lead you to the product.

    Thanks for this feature - as a island girl, I totally relate to her boho-chic outlook on beauty! Though I do love a good blowout on occasion (gotta keep it interesting, right?)

  • David Salinas

    I'm quoting you all over my facebook. FINALLY someone who shares a common mind <3 1 suggestion, as far as natural deodorant will go, you should use coconut oil and camu camu powder to keep it most fresh and healthy

  • roses

    She is too cool. Again, love the laid back , free spirited but appreciative attitude towards "beauty". She is beautiful.

  • Lauren

    Here's the link to the Gill Mechanical tube crimper!

  • Esther

    For those looking for the crimper thing, it's called the Gill Tube Wringer. Hope this helps!

  • Chloe

    Bed makeup? No, thanks.

  • Laura

    Love the laid back natural approach. I also love her approach to make up. I think everyone should be allowed an opinion and I don't think she is judgmental. I agree on using sunscreen every day though, although I think SPF 15 is enough for city days even in Sydney....

  • b

    loved the article, thought she seemed really cool. It prompted me to order one of her bathing suits from her website, as they looked beautiful in the pictures, but boy was I wrong, and received the worst possible customer service.

  • Sindhu

    I too loved her easygoing attitude and natural approach to makeup. She seems like the kind of person that doesn't stress over the details and can adapt gracefully to new environments and I greatly envy that.

    What really made me stop and think though was her approach to her body. I am a very petite person and often have to get my clothes tailored for straps to stay on my shoulders and cinch at my waist but I feel constantly as though I have to be toned or ripped to be beautiful. As a former competitive dancer I have been there and done that and I think my body looks beautiful even now when it is softer and fuller in some places. I like that she embraces that because it's something I've never heard before. Bravo.

  • Ruby16

    desciptif tenue emily weiss dans la mode, la mode, la mode du 5 novembre à new york

  • silverorange05

    Do you have a make/model for the Valextra case? It's gorgeous!


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