Costanza Pascolato


“I’m a Vogue Brazil columnist, I’ve lived there all my life, but I’m Italian. My look is totally Italian but also international in a way. I’m very keen on eating well, and I’ve done pilates every day for twelve years. I’m 72 now. I’ve been changing the hair. In Brazil we have lots of parties, we dress up a lot, and I decided that first of all there was this trend of the big hair starting again, like in the ‘60’s, and that was a really good moment for me. It was the right sort of fashion too—I’m small, you know, and it was squarish and very neat, and I’m a Virgo, so you understand?”

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  • Marcela

    Beautiful woman. I don't know much about her but I love look because it is classic and modern at the same time.
    Thanks for the post and because of the language that Angola and brazil share I have always liked brazilian vogue and think that it is getting better every year so congratulations because I am sure that Constanza is responsible for that.
    Marcela Cristovao

  • Caroline


  • elena

    wow, I hope I have that much hair when I'm 72!

  • Joy

    I don't know how older Brazilian women dress but her look screams Italian.

  • elle

    This woman is fabulous and I want to be her when I'm 72. Or now at 25. I wonder if I could pull that hair off. Em, what do you think?

  • Lisa C

    "...I’m a Virgo, so you understand?”

    Actually I don't understand at all, but Costanza is clearly fabulous. That I understand!

  • Fashion gossip

    Wow, she looks great for her age! And sooo cool! Great post!!
    Xoxo, K.

  • Alexis

    I'm a Virgo and I am no where near neat as she is. She is inspiring me to go to the gym this afternoon. If she can do Pilates everyday at 72 then what's my excuse?

  • iben

    Oh my, she is utterly fabolous! and 72? I want to look like that too!

    Love Despite color

  • Tara

    She is the grandmother that I want to be!

  • Yessery

    She looks great. Now that's aging well.
    Not even aging per se, but looking well.
    I hope to look just as good at that age!

  • maggie

    Thank you for featuring women of a variety of ages!

  • chic noir

    This blog just gets better and better. Thank you so much for this interview with costanza. I've been curious about her for a while.

  • lauren

    Love it! Very inspiring. She looks beautiful. I need to do pilates every day!

    xoxo Lauren

  • Manuela

    Wow I love that you featured Constanza...she is amazing, very old school bourgeois though. (Some) São Paulo women are like that, in Rio it's much much more laid back. I never forgot that I once read she used to sleep with her make-up on so her partner would never see her without it. She's soooo chic!

  • PhotoGirl

    Fabulous! This woman is beautiful and intriguing. I want to know more about her! I also want to compliment you on the diversity that you have here in terms of age, race, everything. Very well done, indeed. Every time I visit this blog, I love it even more.

  • Nicole Richie Anonymous

    She looks amazing. Same age as my grandmother!xx

  • mimi

    beautiful skin and hair.
    her pilates puts me to shame!
    just lovely x

  • Carolina


  • Colleen

    i don't really understand what she means but she certainly looks like a badass.

  • Phyllis Charney

    How refreshing to see you publish a chic, obviously accomplished woman, active and involved in life and more important, one of a certain age! You caught my attention and that's not easy. Bravo!

  • Renata

    You should've seen the line of jewelry she created for H.Stern - it's gorgeous!

  • leinti nti

    i am a virgo and I understand. :)
    fabulous lady. she doesnt look 72. i love her bouffant hair.

  • Sandy

    Love her style. Love that you're featuring a woman of a certain age. Nice to see that women come in all ages. Nice to see how refreshing she is aging. Please interview more women of age with style.

  • Freyacrow

    I especially love the bit about being a virgo.

  • Lifeline518

    She is absolutely Chic! she's a celebrity/fashion icon

  • Lisa O.

    I have been noticing that we Virgos always tell people that we are Virgos!
    That's hilarious! I love us! I love this blog too!