Caroline Trentini


“I’m drinking Chimarrão. It’s a tea—it’s really popular in the south of Brazil, where I’m from, and in Argentina. My family gets together every afternoon for Chimarrão, not tea or coffee. This is the traditional cup, the straw, the powder—I bring bags and bags of it back to the states with me and freeze it! It tastes less like tea and more like an herb. So I’ll drink it all day long, you just keep putting more water in it. My friends here think it’s weird but I don’t care. I miss my family so much and this brings us together—sometimes I talk to my mom on Skype and I say, ‘Oh, I’m drinking a maté,’ and she’s like, ‘Me too!’ It makes me feel closer to them.

I cook a lot at home. I make salads, vegetables, soups, chicken, fish, all that. When I was little, every day I had to cook and clean the house, so I’ve always been really independent. I’m a big eater—I love love love food—but I’m not big on sweets, and I’m not big on a lot of stuff, and I’m really active. I keep myself moving all the time—I run, do Pilates, basketball. And since I’m cooking, I know what I’m putting in my food, so it’s much safer. But I eat everything in reasonable proportions.

I had really bad skin at the very beginning of my career, when I was fifteen, and that really bothered me. When you’re a girl, and especially because I’m a model, it sucks, you know? I was so self-conscious; I’d look in the mirror and cry. It was really painful. I took Accutane for a while and that helped. It’s a strong thing but it really changed my life. The only thing is, my skin became dry after taking that—it kind of dried everything in my body—so I make sure to moisturize very well. I like the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, and I love Rodin Olio Lusso. I put it on after a very hot shower and it soaks in. Oh—and Egyptian Magic. It really has the right name because it is truly magic. It cures everything from sunburns to chapped lips, anything. When you have really beautiful skin, that’s all that matters, so I protect it from the sun, clean it very well. I really care about removing the makeup. I use Lancôme and [Bioderma]Crealine, which I get in Paris every time I go. I carry around two things: Laura Mercier concealer, which I really like, and this tinted MAC lip balm which I also use on my cheeks. I wear mascara when I go out—I like CoverGirl LashBlast Length. At this point I pretty much know what works for me. For example I know I need to extend my eyebrows a little bit with a pencil, because they’re a little short, so makeup artists will fill that out. And people know not to put much foundation on my face because I have freckles. I hated my freckles when I was little—my best friend and I did everything we could to get rid of them! We got teased so much. Now of course I like them.

I don’t do very much with my hair. I change shampoo and conditioner a lot—I think it’s good for your hair, and I like to mix up the scents. Right now I’m using Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco. And I got this Moroccan Oil from Orlando [Pita] last season that’s great just to smooth over your ends. I also love Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray for that beach-y look. But my hair is in the best shape ever thanks to Julien [d’Ys]—he told me to take Viviscal. I used to have such thin hair, because of genetics but also because I used to do so many shows, and it wouldn’t grow. Viviscal is a miracle. But you have to stick with it—I’ve been taking it for five years, and my hair’s never been so long. Thank God—or, thank Julien—for Viviscal. I tell everybody about it. For color, I go to Christopher at Garren’s salon for highlights once in a while—he’s the best.

I love nail colors—I just do. I was working with Jin [Soon Choi] yesterday and I was like, ‘Jin, what do you have? What’s the new thing? What’s the new color?’ I’m a nightmare at the nail salon—I’m like, ‘Can I try this one, and that one, and this one…” I’m such a pain. I like taupes by OPI, and all the colors from Impala which I get in Brazil. At least once a week I get them done.”

—as told to ITG


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  • stephanie

    I always liked her as a model, she seems really nice. I love this website.

  • cece

    She looks so fresh! I relate to this post a lot. She seems to use a lot of the products that I use too!

  • HeyitsAlexp

    Love that all her products are so low maintenance and natural.

  • Dina

    WOW! I love this blog so much!!! I want more model's Top Shelf please!

  • Angel @ | 77inspire |

    Just discovered this blog... love it.

    She's great model. Love that she uses clean n clear. I totally use that too.

  • Gem

    Love top shelf - Bonnie Morrison please!

  • mimi

    yay, caroline has always been one my favourite models (since she was in teen vogue way back when!). love her fresh, natural look.

  • Patty

    Caroline seems like such a lovely girl! She sounds so genuine. I understand how she can get a bit overwhelmed at the nail salon; all those colors make it so difficult to pick just one. xx

  • march

    Aww she seems really sweet

  • Lauren

    She is so fresh and unpretentious.... love her!

    Please add more model's top shelves

  • JB

    Love Caroline and the general simplicity of her routine. She's so natural.

  • Stephanie

    Love her honesty -- even models have taken Accutane!

    • Lillan

      I totally agree! It's so refreshing to hear a model admit something like that.

  • Hannah

    I love how humble and down to earth she is. Great post!

  • Carla

    For all of your Argentines out there (like me!) chimarrão is mate...

  • Devon

    great post. caroline is great.

  • Eileen

    Thank you so much for having another Top Shelf up so fast! Top Shelf posts are my absolute favorite, and I get extremely excited when you have one up!

    • KT

      Me too, I love looking at other people's beauty products!

  • Kat

    I like her beauty routine! It's very low maintenance.

  • Amanda

    Ahhhh!!! So many top shelfs lately. Thank you Emily- they're my absolute fav :-)

  • Marcela

    I love the post, I especially like the top shelf Posts we all get to know more about a person's beauty routine by looking at the products that they use.
    Love your blog
    From: A Caluanda

  • Danielle

    I agree with Stephanie. Its really nice to hear a models honesty, especially about skin issues. This has been one of my favorite posts...trintini is someone most girls can relate to on how to be beautiful and low maintenance

  • Elena

    Loved this post... She is so beautiful and seems like a nice person. Refreshing to hear such beautiful girl talk honestly about her skin struggles.

  • Leslie

    Thanks for another fascinating Top Shelf! This is my favorite feature on your blog--it's such a great way to receive solid recommendations on products.

  • Amelia

    she is absolutely strikingly gorgeous. and her article was the best!

  • annie

    This is absolutely the best section. Has anyone else noticed how many people have both Chanel perfumes and Klorane dry shampoo on theirs? Very telling. I don't have anything Chanel but I use Klorane religiously, so seeing it this often just proves my belief that is truly is... the shit.

    • Guesty

      Heh, agreed!

      I was most impressed about her talking about thin hair and giving out the secret of what works for her. This is a very scary subject for we women - Caroline is not only gorgeous but obviously has an honest and generous personality.

  • Daisy

    Oh wow... I would love to try this tea !!

  • Lou

    Mate!, i love Caroline!

  • thesecretoffashion

    She's very down to earth, like to read that thing about the nailpolishes haha xx

  • Cary Randolph

    Love her mix of high and low in the medicine cabinet. She has always seemed to have a ton of personality, and that normalcy and friendliness shows through in her words. Great interview.

  • Nara

    use magic as well Egyptian. I love the results!

  • Yessery

    Love this blog! Especially this section. She seems so real and relatable. She seems friendly as well. Keep up the good work!

  • amber – the line sheet

    What a cool lady! I saw her on the street once and she looked so healthy! No wonder! She really is. By the way if you live in NYC, Jin Soon really is the best place to get your nails done!

  • raerae

    I bought Eygptian magic after reading this post...been breaking out!? not sure if it's hormonal or what...but she has such beautiful skin!!! And after reading all the reviews it seems to have been working for many people. It's a tad it just me? Is there a better alternative for combo/dry skin?

  • Leticia

    Love it! Im from the same state that Caroline came from in Brazil and yes, we drink a looot of this tea with our family and friends. Nice to see a model who has walked all world stay with the feet down the earth...

    The blog is just amazing, never comment before, but always read the tips and the good stuff that are recomended... Really good job!

  • che

    dear Emily, your posts are all very informative, and interesting! I always enjoy reading them, in fact, I kinda have read EVERY posts for more than 5 times. They are THAT fascinating to me. Anyw, I have always been meaning to ask you which kind of makeup essentials would you recommend for a girl which very big eyes (and eye bags too). I am not blessed with those deep eyes that Caucasians have. Instead my eyes are really big and people tell me they are like sticking out way too much ( i could find an apt adjective to describe my eyes). Personally, i think my eyes resemble Nicole Richie's in some way. SO yeah, do you have anything you would recommend for someone like me? Thank you so much! im looking forward to receiving a reply!:)

  • lucy

    Love the blog, love this post! I like her honesty about skin issues etc. Totally interesting and informative. She is lovely!
    Just out of curiousity, can any readers identify the two-colored MAC compact next to the Laura Mercier concealer in the photos? I just can't figure out what it is.

  • Manu Alves

    Aaaaahhhh Carol usa Natura mamãe e bebê, que fooofa!!! E Clean & Clear brasileiro! =) Adorei saber que dá pra usar os Tinted Lip Balms da MAC como blush, vou testar o meu hoje mesmo!!!
    Loved the interview, just great! =)

  • Ligia

    :) I love it when people take a bit of their culture with them everywhere they go. Im from Argentina and mate is my friend everywhere i go, and terere during the summer is a must!

  • Ana Clara

    Now that is the first time ever that I hear someone call Mate, which I drink all day since I was 3 years old, a Chimarrao(which roughly translates to Brown Tea), I have family in Brazil and it is still called Mate. Please explain.

    • Carol

      Ana Clara, Mate is the name of the herb we use, "Erva Mate" we call it. The tea you make with it is called here in the south of Brazil "Chimarrão" but you can still call it "Mate" if you want to, like they do in Argentina and some other parts of Brasil. Everyone would understand you no matter wich world you use


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