Rochas Fall 2011


Eugene Souleiman: Well, I walked into the fitting and looked at the reference pictures for hair, and there was a picture from a Jil Sander campaign I did in the 90’s with Guinevere van Seenus—one of the first campaigns I’d ever done. Marco [Zanini] was talking to me about how he wanted to ‘redefine the word chic,’ and how he wanted to strip everything away to make something feel purer and more elegant. Normally now people think ‘chic’ means something expensive and really ostentatious, which he found really vulgar to look at. So we created an almost ‘handsome’ woman—a woman who’s so beautiful that she almost doesn’t need anything. We did a sort of manly side part and pulled the hair away from the face…it’s got a kind of GQ feeling to it, a little early 90’s. We’re combining a chignon with an injection of masculinity. Normally when you see hair up, it’s rounder and more feminine, lady-like. This is more square: there’s a regimentation to it but it’s not aggressive.

Lucia Pieroni: It’s very much about simplicity and a beautiful face—it’s very classic but it’s also slightly 90’s. There’s not much makeup: a little bit of shading on the eye, finished with gloss, a peach lip. It’s sort of about raw skin in a sense. I’m giving them a mini-facial before I start, with Shiseido Benefiance fluid—it gives a wonderful glow to your skin. And then I’m using Clé de Peau Defining Fluid Foundation—it’s super light and luminous. The eye is all about light and shade: I’m starting with a taupe-y cream eye shadow and finishing it with MAC lipgloss. Eyebrows are boyish and quite straight—I like using powder to fill them in; MAC eye shadows are the best for that.

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  • Sarah

    I really don't see any masculinity in this. I just see them doing all the right things with makeup, emphasizing the positives and downplaying the negatives to make a simple classic beauty

    <3 Sarah

  • Bre

    I love this soft, yet defined eye. The added gloss adds a nice texture and sheen. The mini facial obviously worked--they look radiant! I agree with Lucia, M.A.C. eye shadows are the best for filling in eyebrows. There is truly a shade for everyone.

  • Jilly

    I love the look of those chignons. Wish I could try them myself!

  • Alexis

    I love the simplicity of this look - doesn't take away from the clothes. Just a very light touch. I really wish I could look like this with just that little amount of products - they look gorgeous.

    I have used MAC shadow for my brows for the past 15yrs - Espresso eyeshadow w/#266 brush and I are super tight! And I pretty much wore my makeup light like that too in the 90's except for a brown red/maroon lipstick!

  • Fashion gossip

    Great post! Love it!
    Xoxo, K.

  • heart charlie

    Wow, I love this updo, I wish I could do this, maybe I will try ;) I love the masculine side part to the hair, gives the hair so much dimension and versatility from the front view to the side view to the back, amazing!

  • Michelle

    Just found your blog- I like it!


  • kacie ogden

    i could read this blog for days and days.

    the pictures are fantastic for reference, as to practice and perfect these look. how inspiring.