Le Chignon

Le Chignon

The hairstylist Didier Malige once told me that "chignon" could describe just about any updo gathered into a knot, not necessarily the smooth, classic ballerina bun. I spotted this beauty, perfectly backlit by the Eiffel Tower, earlier in the month. Like Julia von Boehm's "weird French twist" that I've been trying in vain to recreate with my own cheveux, this thick, wispy coiffure will be a new hair-spiration.

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  • Juliana

    By the way, did you manage to suceed with Julia's hair style? I've been trying too, give us some tips if you have, please!
    Love your blog.

  • http://notesontone.blogspot.com christina

    You are awesome! Clearly we all need to know Julia's technique, if only to have a modicum of her being.

  • http://www.mylifeinbeauty.com anita

    I wish I could wear my hair like that!

  • Marian

    i love the chignon. its so chic and wearable. i usually always do one on the second or third day after i wash my hair. i still cant figure out the french twist from julia's top shelf though

  • http://theformergirlatbar.blogspot.com/ Alexis

    I've been obsessed with the high, messy bun look lately! This is a fabulous picture - she's just so effortless and beautiful.

  • Kat

    Such a perfect backdrop!

  • http://www.gusssygirl.blogspot.com Leah

    Beautiful picture. I always struggle with creating my updos but I find when I can let go of trying to get it "just right" things start to work themselves out!

    I have to say that I love the content on this blog - the profile on Didier Malige was so informative and interesting - thank you.

    I recently made a post about my experience at Home House (a private members club in London) that you might be interested in - here's the link: http://www.gusssygirl.blogspot.com


  • Monica

    What a beautiful picture! Love your blog :)

  • http://www.prettydaffodils.blogspot.com yv

    like a ballerina :)

  • Sophie

    After practicing for a couple hours I finally got the Julia Von Boehm french twist (can we call it that from now on?) thing down, if you have thicker hair it takes more than three pins

  • Eva

    @ Sophie: Please share. Any tips will be tremendously appreciated.

  • Sophie

    @Eva: here's how i did it, maybe there's a simpler way! i separate my hair into two parts, the right part about 70% of my hair (this will be the french twist portion) and the left part about 30%. now gather just the right part and twist it like you're making a bun almost, then pull straight up and continue to twist as you would do to make a french twist. at this point i stick in the first pin (youtube 'french twist' for a better visual for how to secure a french twist) in the middle, closer to the top of my french twist. now i take the remaining 30% and twist it a little just to keep it all together, pull it up and over my french twist portion, then around it like you would twist together two pieces of string. at this point i start twisting them down into a bun almost, then secure the ends inside with another pin. i use about 3 more pins just to secure the bun, and for my bangs, which are in that awkward growing out phase. sorry that was so long but i hope it was helpful! i experimented by doing the bun portion first, then the french twist, to no success, maybe you'll have better results. :)))

  • Eva

    @Sophie: Thank you so much for sharing. After about 5-7 tries, I've mastered a sort-of-Julia-von-Boehm-French-Twist, however there's still room for improvement ;)

    One note for anyone trying: I also used three cork screw bobby pins in addition to regular ones, as I have very long and heavy hair, which regular bobby pins hardly can hold up.

  • Kipper

    I do my own version by twisting the hair up in a rope on the back of my head and securing with two crocodile clips going in opposite directions. It's more 'obvious' than Julia von Boehm's but easier and neater, which suits my personality better (and I love big hair clips) - Without wishing to sound too sceptical, I really don't see how Julia's 'do' can be done with just three hair pins. If she would only show us?


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