Lauren Santo Domingo, Co-Founder, Moda Operandi


“I’m 8 ½ months pregnant and not much has changed—it’s been pretty easy, I haven’t had any sickness…I’ve been really really lucky. In fact, my hair has grown two inches! [Laughs] I’m the same size, in everything that goes above or below the bump. I don’t really have cravings. When you’re in New York, and you can get your hands on anything, it doesn’t really feel like a craving. All of a sudden when you’re like, ‘Oh, I want a Belgian waffle,’ or, ‘I want a bagel with lox,’ it’s outside your front door. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and you can’t get it, I’m sure that feels strange. My husband cooks a lot and last night he made mashed potatoes with bacon and chives…that’s kind of what I want all the time.

During my pregnancy, I’ve been trying to go more all-natural with my beauty products. I used to use a lot of Clarins and Chanel, and I’ve slowly phased all that out. I’ve been using Tata Harper—I love it. I use the Regenerating Cleanser and the Hydrating Floral Essence; sometimes I just put that on in the morning and go. And she does a Rejuvenating Serum that I use as a moisturizer. I also like the Nude line. And then I’ve got the Mustela body moisturizer. For hair—not like I wash my own hair, I can’t even remember the last time I washed my own hair—I have Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner. But typically, as far as skincare goes, I’m kind of like a wizard. I know you’re supposed to get your skin used to some sort of regimen but I don’t. I’ll think, ‘Oh, today I need to exfoliate,’ or, ‘Today, it needs essential oil,’ or, ‘Today, I’m definitely going to do a serum—five serums, layered on top of each other!’ I did go through a whole Eve Lom cleanser phase though—the cloth, the whole thing—for a long time. I did that for a good year-and-a-half…that’s probably been the most consistent ritual I’ve had, since, like, Clinique’s 3-Step Program in the 6th grade. And I do have to say that my face looked amazing when I was doing it.

When I go out at night, I definitely trust the professionals—I get a blow-out, I get my makeup done—I just can’t be bothered to do it myself. I can do my makeup well, but I don’t feel as good…I just prefer to have it done for me. I love Daniel Martin, and Melissa Silver. But on a regular day, my makeup is pretty straightforward: I wear the same concealer (Koh Gen Do), the same mascara (Trish McEvoy), and the same blush. My Chanel blush, Orchid Rose, it’s like a non-color—that’s probably the one thing I’ve been using for a really long time. And who even knows if it’s the right color for me? It’s just the one I had, and nothing else seems to work. I feel like a lot of people can go without blush—I can’t. I’d probably take blush before mascara and lipstick. But I do have tons of lipsticks—everyone’s kind of made a move toward lipstick these past few seasons and I’m no exception. The one I’m wearing now is the most amazing red on the planet. I got it in a gift bag at a fashion show; it’s Ruffian Red by MAC. It’s like crack. It was limited edition and they just redid it for me…I got six tubes. I’ve been doing a lot of throwbacks too—like Clinique’s Black Honey. I used to wear it in 7th and 8th grade, and hadn’t picked it up since then. But now I rediscovered it and it’s the perfect color.

My lipstick changes depending on who I’m meeting with and what time of day it is. It usually starts lighter in the morning and then gets darker by the evening, so I typically have five or six tubes on me throughout the day. I would probably wear red lipstick in the morning, but there’s something I find so unappealing about lipstick on coffee cups, Starbucks cups—for that simple reason I start with nothing. Once I’ve had my coffee I’m fine. I just don’t want to be walking around with my Starbucks cup with big red lips on it. Whenever I see that, I cringe…it just seems so vulgar. Nightime’s a different story. Also someone taught me a really good trick, where you go like this [licks the rim of her glass and then sips] which is kind of gross—and you have to be really discreet—but it really works like a charm to keep lipstick from sticking to your glass.

Fragrance changes depending on what I’m wearing, where I’m going, who I’m with. My husband hates fragrance, so if I’m going somewhere with him, I typically don’t put any on. Most of my scents are pretty subtle and girly and flowery—quite young, almost immature. I’m not advanced in my fragrance choices.

I cut my hair right after I got married, three years ago, which I highly recommend. I think that whenever you have a change, a haircut’s good. You need to do something to change the scenery, in a way. I think it’s really important. So, I cut mine into a bob, and I’ve been growing it out really slowly, but now I want it to be really long—like Kirsty Hume. She’s my hair muse.

I do a blowout once every five days, I go to De Berardinis, it’s right around the corner from my apartment. They have so many people, and every single one of them is good, which is so rare. I don’t really book appointments—I just call and say, ‘Do you have anyone in 20 minutes?’ That’s about as far in advance as I can plan. It’s usually when I have 100 emails to do—when I look at my phone and I see 65 emails, it’s my cue for a blowout. [Laughs] I’ve probably blown dry my own hair three or four times…I’m just bad at it and I don’t feel like learning, when there are such good hair stylists in New York.

My color is an epic saga. I’ve been through everyone: I started with Parveen at Bergdorf’s, I went to Kyle [White] for a few years, then David Mallett in Paris, then I went to Marie Robinson who is so great, but I couldn’t get an appointment to save my life. And then my friend, who always had great color, recommended this place Butterfly Salon. When I called to see what times they had, they were totally open! And I thought, ‘Hallelujah.’ I’d never in my life experienced getting a color appointment so easily. So I’ve been going there, to Tara, ever since.

In terms of other services, I get facials from Carole at SLR, which is half a block away from me. Margherita Missoni recommended her to me. And if you see me with a manicure, it means you must be the Queen of England. I can’t sit still that long, for a manicure. So I just go au naturale. I always feel really dorky with a manicure, to be honest. It feels so contrived. For fitness, I haven’t been doing anything, but I have my trainer all lined up for when I have the baby—he’s the guy who does all the Victoria’s Secret models—his name’s Justin Gelband. And Karolina Kurkova’s Pilates instructor, Clea Starkes. I’ve never really worked out before in my life, but now I’m getting ready.”

—as told to ITG

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  • Jill Beretta

    Sweet. Seems like she does so much.

  • Mackenzie

    The perfect slender little pregnancy, someone to blow out your hair and do your makeup whenever you go out, never exercized but if she dains it necessary, it'll be with a personal trainer to the stars. Sounds like a lovely life, but in what universe does it take place?
    Hope she has a easy delivery and that her newborn is a sleeper!

    • real world

      Below the bump will have a drastic change! So you plan on delivering the baby and waking up in the middle of the night - LOL!

    • Mki

      You took the words out of my mouth!! what a life she has... I have a real job, 2 boys, no nanny, I go to yoga classes and run on my own, I also do my own hair and can't remmber the last time I got a predicure. But I have a husband and kids to die for and I'm happy. LSD could be a little more humble.

  • Mandy

    Awww. You are already the perfect mother!

  • FaithJ

    She lives in a completely different world. She can't remember the last time she washed her own hair? I am not criticising her; I am just in shock and awe of how the upper upper class live.

  • Sarah

    love love LOVE Lauren Santo Domingo! Thank you Into The Gloss

  • Alexis

    If only I could have said the same about my figure during my pregnancy. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and I'm still trying to take the weight off. I like her sense of humor and she gave me a great idea for my own lipstick storage problems!

  • PhotoGirl

    No. Words.

  • Aubrey

    I agree with FaithJ. "Not like I wash my own hair..." sounds like, "Not like I flush my own toilet..." Sounds a bit too high maintenance to me. Truly interesting read though, seeing into the world of a woman sitting (monetarily) so high above the rest.

    • teresa

      Absolutely -- definitely an insight into how the other 0.001 % live! To be fair, if I had that much wealth I would probably never do my own hair ever again either.

  • cc

    Wow. All this, and she thinks a MANICURE is contrived...

  • Nancy Drew

    Wow. Just wow. The other half definitely live a different life. She can't remember when she last washed her own hair? Does she a) not wash it all or b) have it done every day? I remember the last time I washed/dryed my hair: this morning. Again, my how differently does the other half (or is it the other 1%?) live!

  • Teckie

    She's so beautiful. I love her attitude toward her beauty routine... wish I could go five days on a blow-out! Great article.

  • china

    I understand that NY has access to things but she talks about it as if you have to drive an hour to get a belgian waffle or bagel with lox if you live anywhere other than NY. .

    That being said, I love the work she does with Vogue

  • Charice

    what a great post! love the product photos and details. :)

  • Alex

    beautiful pics emily!

  • LuckyD

    Beautiful photos and such a fun interview! I've always said "when I have Oprah money I'll never blow dry my own hair again" - sounds incredible and glad she's enjoying it. ;)

  • LisaC

    +1 on the unreality of not washing your own hair or applying your own makeup, not working out, and not gaining weight in pregnancy...

    and yet...

    When she said she doesn't stick to a routine, gets little urges to exfoliate or use a serum...I relate to that! I have my moods when it comes to beauty routines.

    Best wishes to Lauren for a healthy, happy baby.

  • Sophie

    I've read a couple of LSD's beauty interviews now and am always impressed by how far she goes into detail about her routine. So many celebs and "socialites" (is it just me or does that word sound a little dated now?) always do that, oh-I-just-brush-my-teeth-and-splash-my-naturally-flawless-skin-with-water-in-the-morning kinda thing, which I'm sure is true in some cases but seems really unlikely for an entire group of people who, in part, depend on their appearances to make a living. Anway, I just love how honest and bare-bones she is about all that stuff; kudos to her and ITG for another great interview.

    • amelia

      something to aspire to. although one thing i'd do differently with all that money... GET A MANICURE.

    • LuckyD

      I completely agree. Lauren's honesty and candor is SO refreshing!

  • Simona

    I just found out we got the same colorist, Tara at butterfly salon!

  • Dee


    Well, I still really enjoy your blog. And "The Top Shelf" is still my favorite feature.

  • Margarida

    Im soooooo in love with your Blog!! Super original and very chic! Could you please interview Olivia Palermo and show us whats her favourite beauty products!!! Keep on with your good work! Big Kiss

  • Marcela

    I liked the interview and the pictures.
    I had read about her before and heard about her from mags and tv network shows like e but I must say that I liked her better after reading this interview. She seems real and honest and very serene. I like how open and honest she is in her answers. Some people would not feel comfortable admitting that they don't wash their own hair because they don't have to.
    She sends of the image of someone who cares about her looks and beauty and fashion but at the same time is not trying to hard, or being very conscious about it.
    Once again well done on the interview

    • mary

      LOL, I dont wash my hair, i much rather pay someone,i have only blowed dry my hair once and that was 12 years ago. I have curly thick hair,i get it done every 5 days and in between i do dry shampoo. i can't live with out a mani, and am so happy she came out and said it!! thank you Lauren for being real! and no am not rich like her but i don't mind paying the $60 for blow out. My guy rocks..

  • anita

    I wish Lauren would donate a Ruffian Red by MAC to me - I'm addicted to Red Lipstick and just wrote a simple piece last night with regards to Red Lipstick stains : ) Thank you Lauren, we share the same skincare routine!

  • jade

    on the hair washing thing, i think she just gets her hair done enough that she herself never washes it, it's the person doing the blow-out every five days or trimming it every so often who's washing it. LOVE lauren. i think she's so refreshing, if a bit ridiculous. she's aware of it.

  • Amy

    Lovely pictures! Adore her comment about not being advanced with her fragrance choices, it made me laugh. She's not apologetic, just knows that she isn't. As jade says above, it seems like Lauren knows she is a bit ridiculous. Gosh, I hate washing my hair... I know lots of old ladies who never wash theirs, they just get a wash and set once a week. Imagine Lauren Santo Domingo having something in common with little old ladies!

  • Devon

    she is so unlikeable.

  • Babs

    Least favorite Into The Gloss post so far. I really enjoy the normally down-to-earth candor of the women featured, but this just makes me want to barf. I thought for a brief second that once the baby comes she may have to wash food/poo/etc. out of her hair, but silly me, that's what baby nurses and nannies are for!

  • Dickie

    She may sound a bit high maintenance but I thought the interview was great, just what I come here for in fact.
    And honestly, though I have nowhere near the money (understatement) she has, I also dont wash my own hair! I get a blow out every 5 days too. $25 at any walkin place.

  • JWK

    LOVE HER!!

  • Minnie

    Even though I come from a completely different background to Lauren (I live on the other side of NY) - I'm surprised that we have so much in common! I love girly perfumes too (although not everyone appreciates this)- I've bought several bottles of Glow (J-Lo) which I used to wear back in 6th grade but since going back to it brings back so many wonderful memories....
    I get my hair colored at the Butterfly salon too - and totally agree, its always so easy to get an appointment at that place! I hate washing my own hair - so I used the dry shampoo for as long as I can and then call my girlfriends over for 'girls night in' and get one of them to wash my hair! Its just more relaxing when someone else does it - kind of like getting a head massage, totally recommend it :)

  • Isabel

    I'm pretty sure it's Russian Red, not Ruffian Red.

    • Margot

      Ruffian Red was a limited edition. RuSSian Red is on the permanent line.

  • Lydia

    This was ...interesting. Written interviews aren't always the best indication of someone's true self but I just found that whole "can't be bothered" attitude to be bizzarre. I can think of more bothersome things about being a mother than putting on makeup and washing your hair. It just strikes me as trying to be above everything.

  • Jessica

    I agree with Devon. This makes me grateful that I'm not in that .0001%.

  • LL


  • Laura

    I enjoyed reading this post! Yes it may seem a bit over the top to never wash your own hair but she says she gets her hair done every five days or so, so I don't think it's such a big deal and she doesn't get her nails done.... I like that she uses natural skincare brands. She seems to have the money to cash out on la prairie but prefers Tata Harper and nude! Refreshing!!!! I also like her honesty. Great interview!

  • Holly

    I'm always in awe of the blow out once a week routine. So you don't wash between blowouts? amazing. thanks for sharing.

  • Costas k

    Exactly as I expected her to be.As shallow as it gets

  • Rose

    I appreciate that she's being so open and honest about what she does and what she uses to maintain herself. I love hearing about what other women do and use... but so often, I just get the impression that other women are holding back- not being completely honest or omitting things. And I don't feel that's the case here. I think it was very kind of her to be so generous and open. And yes, she does have the funds to indulge in some practices a lot of us can't (i.e. always getting a blow-out)... but hey, I fantasise all the time about all the luxury services I would get done on a daily basis if only I had the extra money!

  • Aya

    I agree with everyone that she comes off as kind of a disgusting human but I appreciate her honesty. I think a lot ore people than we'd like to think are like this but they know it's more likeable to throw in a few "I use Herbal Essence"s into the mix to relate to the plebs. She could've done that, and I would probably like her more, but this interview wouldn't have really been about her. She was balls-to-the-wall privileged rich girl, "can't be bothered to do my own make up or learn to blow dry" but at least she wasn't fake.

  • Mona

    I agree very unlikeable! Funny how a nobody thinks she cant be bothered!

  • FashionFan

    I'm kind of shocked,

  • FashionFun

    I think Lauren is lovely. We like reading about rich people because letting us in on details about a life we'll never live allows us to dream a bit. We're all curious about how the other half live...BUT, I think there's a fine line between that and being insensitive. This piece was written a bit after the USA was coming out of a really devastating economic crisis. Lauren should be intelligent enough to see that there's a difference between explaining what you do and saying you can't be bothered to wash your own hair and can't remember when you last did it. That information didn't really help anything, it just made her sound spoiled. I hope she is a bit smarter in what she writes in the future.

  • Seanarcher3227


    lion wallpapers

  • Frank Alie

    Wow! and this woman is expected to help run a company!!??
    Only if she is just a front-person.
    Can you imagine her trying to down and dirty in business!??
    The investors better hope they have some real business people pulling the strings -- LSD could not be bothered!

  • xiaoshou 刘


  • angela strauss

    This is the most obnoxious interview I've ever read.

  • pamb

    She never washes her own hair? Not even after she exercises? In the humidity in the Summer? When she vacations in some exclusive warm weather paradise, and can't find a blow out place, does she wash her own hair then?

    How the one percent live, I guess...

  • Mɑrie-Eve Desgɑgne

    I was expecting her to be as chic on the inside as she looks on the outside, but she definitely is not. How sad is it that she can't even remember the last time she washed her own hair? They should put her on a deserted island for a year and see if she becomes more human. my2cents.

  • A

    I know she's catching a lot of flack for not washing her own hair, but keep in mind that back in the 50's and 60's most women would have their hair washed and set once a week at a salon, that's simply what was done.


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