Dries Van Noten Fall 2011


Peter Philips (Chanel): It’s a quiet moment in the face. It’s nude makeup with a touch of gold—there are a lot of gold elements in the collection: rings, bracelets, in the hair there’s the gold ring. So we did very natural, fresh makeup so as not to compete. On the eyes, we’re using a gold Chanel blush drawn on wet, with a gold liner that's new for fall 2011. And a velvet finish lip—not shiny, not matte—dabbing on Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick, in a natural shade. There’s no mascara, no blush, and the foundation is Chanel Pro Lumiere.

Paul Hanlon: Dries wanted it to be really simple this time, super easy. He liked the idea of all the girls having very clean hair with almost no product at all, like how they wear it to castings. And at the fittings, I saw all this really beautiful gold jewelry—I picked it up and thought, ‘We should use rings in the hair.’ So we made some, in two days! The hair texture is a bit messy, a bit dry, effortless—not to feel like it’s at the hands of a hairdresser. We’re washing the girls’ hair with Bumble and bumble Sunday shampoo, and then massaging their scalps with Styling Lotion for five minutes to get this fuzzy volume, without using a brush or a comb. This is my third season doing this show, and Dries said to me, ‘I want my women to look like real women, and not to look like they’re in a fantasy world of hair and makeup.’ People can relate to it.

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  • http://theantiquepearl.blogspot.com Sarah

    I really love the simple rings in the hair. This look is really attainable and fun!

    <3 Sarah

  • LuckyD

    Love this! Runway hair and makeup I can actually reproduce in the comfort of my own apartment! (Dying to try the Chanel eyeliner when it comes out, though I don't know if I'm brave enough to go without mascara.)

  • http://ofstrangersensibilties.blogspot.com Joy

    Anything soft, understated yet still elegant is always going to look good. Guess gold eye makeup is here to stay!

  • http://www.brebeauty.com/ Bre

    Gold eyeshadow is universally flattering. I love how it makes brown eyes appear more warm, and blue eyes more blue. Applying the eye shadow wet is a great way to create more impact and increase longevity. Great post!

  • http://www.brittanyhavican.blogspot.com Brittany H

    Oh my goodness, that gold accent around her eyes is stunning. I'm doing it on my next night out for sure!

    (I've reposted this on my blog.) It's wonderful.

  • http://ritournelleblog.wordpress.com Ritournelle

    I knew Peter Philips worked for menswear shows, but I thought that regarding womenswear he was exclusive to Chanel. Interesting! Anyway, I love the look at Dries: simple and elegant with a touch of originality. The lipstick is a must-try.

  • Erin

    Does anyone know the shade of the Chanel lipstick? I've been looking for a nude lippie and I love this one!

  • Isabel

    I realise I'm 2 years late but I'm browsing the archives! There's something about the long dark ponytail in [2] that's just stunning, in a simple way.