Alexander McQueen Fall 2011


Guido (Redken): They're Goody barrettes! They sent me 6,000 barrettes...we're not using all of them. Sarah [Burton] showed me pictures of the past and pictures of the future, and I wanted it to be a head that wasn't too big...I wanted it to be very modern and hard, but kind of soft at the same time. I was thinking of reflection—plastics and metals—and that movie Tron, the original and the remake. So all those kind of things. I'd done a ponytail covered in barrettes before, but here I flipped it up and did the whole head. So that's how I got here. It's amazing that something so inexpensive—these drugstore things that you get on a card—can be made into something so beautiful. I always say to people about hair accessories: it's not what you spend, it's what you do with them.

Peter Philips (Chanel): It's almost the same makeup as last season. We found this girl and we wanted to keep it...calm, on the face. You've got this strong thing on the head, so we just kept it simple so that all the attention goes to the armor. And the woman in the armor, is a bit more fragile. So we use Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation, which has a lot of pearl in it, and I mixed a special ivory shade. The eye is just a pale champagne eye shadow, which I also dusted over the nose and cheeks as a highlighting powder. It's the base we found for McQueen: the 'pure' woman. And that leaves an opportunity to work up in future seasons—similar to Jil Sander; for years we did natural makeup, no makeup, and if there was an opportunity, we'd do a bright lip or an eye, but we could always fall back on that base.

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  • Terry

    I love the graphic vibe of these hairdos. Using cheap accessories in such an impressive way is inspiring.

  • yv

    wow its amazing! your blog is wonderful.

  • Ritournelle

    It's amazingly beautiful what they did with the hair. The best this season in my opinion.

  • patty

    Beautiful! Send me the rest of the barrettes, Guido, and I will try this on my own hair!

  • Lisa C

    Though obviously this is not meant for real life, I totally want to be a silver barrette robot head. It's just so cool!

  • Alexis

    Wow, the boring clip I once used as a daily basis when I was 10 looks so chic and futuristic!

  • Bre

    The hair is definitely reminiscent of Tron, very cool and futuristic. Such a cool idea to use all those barrettes. I love the radiant, yet sculpted makeup too. Their skin looks poreless!


    Who would've thought those looks were created with just barrettes! Thank you for the coverage.

  • Mobeta

    Gosh, just looks painful to me. Very, interesting though.

  • Kacie O.

    So inspiring..

  • SyllymakeuP

    this is my favourits