Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2011


James Kaliardos (MAC): We're doing a sort of Japanese-inspired 'young girl' look, which is someone who'd want to have a look—have a fashion look, let's say. We chose to do it with lipstick: a dark, pure red called Runaway Red or a dark dark burgundy called Prince Noir. I'm also applying a pale brown eye shadow, Omega, to the eyebrows in a smokey way—more squared-off as opposed to rounded. And we're just concealing a little bit right around the nose, but no foundation.

Odile Gilbert (Kérastase): Middle part, ponytail, blunt haircut, very square, for all the girls. Olivier decided the idea—he has very strong opinions about how the girls should look...he'd like for them to look like him.

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  • Ella Viscardi

    Very unusual yet completely fabulous!

  • Lisa

    Dark lip with pale face is so beautiful.

  • Cara Craig

    Check out those Hair Braid Earrings! I love them behind the front-of-ear-hair/side-of-head-bangs.

  • Madame M

    Oh my god! Absolutely fabulous! Incredible artists who managed to create new gorgeous hair style every Fashion Week!

  • Dawn

    not my fav or style but it makes a statement.

  • carissa Vicky

    god, your blog just amazes me! just like that <3

  • kiesheS

    I just love this look amazing art