RMS Beauty Living Luminizer


Lately, I’ve been all about the finishing touch. There are two steps that, even in the dead of winter, can make you look fresh as a daisy. One is misting your face with water. The other is dabbing on a luminizer.

Karlie Kloss got me thinking about luminizers last summer, when she divulged that Pat McGrath is never without her “Shiny Stick” (Madina Chic & Shine, from Italy). Then, another trendsetting makeup artist told me that he loves ModelCo’s Luminosity Shimmer Stick. Forgive me, but I’d always been under the impression that a shimmery cream—outside of runways and photoshoots—could go terribly wrong, shockingly fast. A true “do not try this at home” product.

RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer changed my mind. I was on a shoot when Rose-Marie Swift, a makeup artist herself, handed me the best-selling item from her namesake organic color line. “It gives a glow to your face—I cannot stand a dry face, with foundation everywhere. You look dead!” She smudged it into the inner corners of my eye, under the brows, and across the cheekbones. I wasn’t transformed into Miranda Kerr (Swift’s longtime buddy…she babysits her Yorkie), but I did look markedly fresher. “The whole line is based on raw coconut oil, so all the healing properties are intact. It’s really healthy makeup,” she said of her ultra-pure formulations. Lo and behold, the ingredients for the luminizer are an unheard of four. Perhaps that’s why it’s so foolproof.

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  • ilaria

    I love Becca Shimmering Skin perfector in Pearl or Opal...it's such a lovely product. Also Copacabana by NARS is really good!

    • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

      I think that the Living Luminizer is the cream version of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, same color but more glossy. It's gorgeous! xx


  • Angelica

    Love the fact that it's natural! Will definitely check it out. BTW Into The Gloss is the best. Keep up the awesome work.

  • heidi

    simple raw and unrefined coconut oil works wonders on it's on, and goes for $10 a jar.

  • http://byanewyorker.blogspot.com Mari

    I'm purchasing this and a few other of her products right now. Thanks for sharing!

  • Elena

    There is new T.LeClerc luminiser I picked up at Barneys last time that I love. No shimmer, no sparkles - just soft natural - "I slept-for-9 hours" - glow

  • http://www.keelywatson.co.nz Keely

    I LOVE this product! The ingredients are top quality and how it wears on the skin is just divine.

  • eastvillagesiren

    I have 9 or 10 of the RMS colors. The two new glosses are amazing, and the concealer in a pot can be used as a shadow primer and even a spot foundation. It all blends in easily with your fingers.

  • https://www.acozykitchen.com Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    Whoa! I can't wait to try! I have a serious obsession with coconut oil. I put it in my dog's food, cat's food, on salads and on my face. It's the most multi-purposeful thing in my entire house.

  • Alex

    Another great post! This is my new favorite blog. When oh when will you do an entry on your top shelf? I have been getting my glow on with this and other RMS tubs of joy for a few months now and they very nearly live up to the hype (no small feat). All natural products are so the way forward.

  • http://www.amateurcouture.com m.fay

    another product i can't wait to try. thanks for sharing!

  • Jess

    ITG is great and give me get tips. I love it! its my favorite blog. I was hoping a post two days ago, but I'm happy to see it back.

  • janet

    Love her products. So glad you mentioned RMS and her high quality line on your awesome blog.

  • http://www.unspeakablethoughtsunspoken.blogspot.com Laura

    How about the candlelight powder from Benefit??


  • http://www.styleserendipity.blogspot.com Jill Beretta

    Oh my gosh I love misting water.

  • http://inspiration-elle.blogspot.com Diana

    omg! The RMS Luminizer is a god-send! I can't believe it's organic too~ love love love it! so glad u recommend it :)

  • Aisulu

    Thank you soooo much for your brilliant done work!!! I love your blogg! It has everything what a ral girl needs to look adorable, healthy and divine! I follow you every day and waiting for next beauty tips / style review etc. You are great!

  • afaircloth

    I first saw RMS--a gorgeous line--at Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor on west 13th street. A great beauty destination for something different if you are a Manhattan girl...love this line and happy to see it featured!

  • Katie

    Fantastic site, I'm so glad to find it. I've been using RMS since the summer—I can't live without the luminizer and the unconcealer. It's such a great line and I'm so happy you've featured it!

  • http://butterflycaught.com/ martha

    really nice product i'll google it ..I'm still looking for an illuminator that's transparent like a gel but non-sticky for a wet make up for a shooting.... maybe I can find it on your blog ? I've just discovered it :) <3

  • donna

    Love the fact that RMS uses safe, organic, non-GMO ingredients! I purchased the RMS Living Luminizer a couple months ago after reading rave reviews everywhere the product was mentioned, but so far I haven't been able to get it to work for me and I feel $38 is too much to pay for a product I haven't been able to use. It just makes anywhere I apply it look extremely GREASY and WAY TOO SHIMMERY (like I smeared on vaseline and topped it with white frosty eyeshadow!). Do any of you ladies who've used it successfully have any tips? I'm not applying it very thick and my skin is pretty dry so I don't understand the oil-slick effect I've been getting. I do have to admit that I haven't tried dusting powder over it though--I hate a powdered face and my skin never gets oily enough to need it so I don't even own a powder at the moment. If powder does the trick, does anyone have any particular one that works without looking obvious and cakey? Would be greatful for any suggestions from fellow Glossers!

    I've recently tried a sample of RMS Un-Cover Up (concealer) and I really like it. It's not as slippery as the Living Luminizer and seems to just melt into my skin so that it looks better but not made-up.

  • wf

    where can i get RMS from in manhattan?

  • http://amazingy.com/ Amanda

    Love RMS! And glad it's now finally also available in Germany on http://amazingy.com :)

  • http://styleandsucre.com/ Jerrell // Style & Sucré

    Does this product work on dark skin tones? I've been dying to try it!


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