Marc Jacobs Fall 2011


Guido (Redken): The hair has a kind of perverse, dominatrix perfection. It's pulled up, very high, very strict, using two products: Blown Away, which is a blow-dry gel, and Shine Flash. There are a lot of hats with chin straps so it had to be something simple but very perfect.

François Nars (NARS): I wanted to do something modern...but what does modern mean these days, anyway? So I just created something interesting and a bit decadent. We're doing eyeliner but in a downward shape, rather than upwards. It's an 'upside down' eye. A lot of blush, applied lower on the face, inspired by paintings in the 18th century. It's a very simple look but a little 'off'...I never like to do what you'd call 'normal'; normal is for other people. I like to have fun.

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  • MG

    So happy to see the return of the sleek pony mostly because it is extremely flattering for me.

    • amelia

      Ditto :) and the rosy blush is wearable!

  • Jessica

    Love Francois Nars' quote about how normal is for other people and he wants to have fun. I think this shows in the uniqueness of many of the products he's created. But wow, what a motto to live by!

  • Lisa

    These girls have amazing cheeks — the blush applied lower on the face makes their cheekbones look even more prominent.

  • Dawn

    the contrast makes this look. the hair makes the models look bold while the light and simple makeup make them very feminine and soft

  • Bella

    Love this look! Do you know which products he used?

  • Madeleine

    Which blush is that? it's gorgeous!

  • Eva

    Does anyone know who the model in the first picture is? She's just lovely - gorgeous hair.