Kenzo - Into The Gloss



The Fall 2011 fashion circus begins in New York this week, and I can't believe I haven't posted some of my favorite pictures from the Spring 2011 rounds. Kenzo celebrated their 40th anniversary with a sort of mini-couture show-within-a-show. Tom Pecheux perfected the tiny orange pouts (for a similar color, I like Makeup For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in #40), and Eugene Souleiman wove the girls' hair into toppling headdresses. The ensuing parade of 8-foot-tall walking dolls was one of the most beautiful moments of the month.

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  • The Minx

    amazing! the last photo is so dramatic

  • herCatwalk

    They look like little dolls!

  • Lisa


  • laurren

    They really do look like dolls—especially in that last photo.

    I love Makeup Forever. I haven't tried their lipstick, only concealer. I'll be sure to check it out!



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