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“I can’t survive without this one lip balm called Amilab, that you can only get in France. Now that I live in New York, I actually order it from a pharmacy in St. Barth’s because they deliver! It’s like a Blistex, but it’s the only one that works for me. And in New York the air is so dry that I use it, like, every two seconds. I’m addicted. I even tell the makeup artists about it, because everyone uses Homeoplasmine, but I think this one is much better. And it smells and tastes so good—delicious.To be honest, I use lots of face cream in the morning and evenings and I think that’s the most important thing for beauty—keeping the skin hydrated. I’ve just started using Tata Harper’s line, which is extremely nourishing. It’s also so important to have a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily. Every two or three months, I’ll do a BluePrint Cleanse, and I think the effects show on your skin immediately.

Each morning I use a cleanser by Dr. Hauschka, it’s German, a very natural brand. I use their moisturizer as well, and then on top of that I’ll put a little MAC Face And Body, which is a very translucent foundation…it doesn’t look like a foundation, basically. They have a very light color—C-1—for very fair skin, and in other brands I never find the right color. I’ve used this one for a long time. And I always have a slightly smoky eye. I use Chanel eye shadow in Safari, on the outside of the eyes, and in the crease. And since I have this layer of cream under, it sort of goes into the crease which is perfect—exactly what I like! [Laughs] And then I use Burberry 'Effortless' mascara; I find that it works perfectly. And then what I do so that the makeup looks even a little bit more lived in, is I use Caudalie Beauty Elixir and spray it on top. And then I go!

At night, sometimes I exaggerate the eyes, and sometimes I use the Tom Ford lipsticks. On the eyes I’ll just use more of the same color shadow, which is that sort of taupe-y Chanel, and a little bit more mascara. At night you have to adapt to the light—like, if you go to Caviar Kaspia, where it’s sort of candlelit, I’d go a bit more extreme on the makeup. Because if you have too much makeup and you go out in the daylight, it looks terrible. And also what I’ll do is use more mascara on the bottom, to make little packets of clumps, and barely use any on top because I have the darker eye shadow.

I always pull my hair up and kind of do a weird French twist. I use 3 pins, no more than that. If I think it looks too ‘clean’, I’ll use another little pin and break it in the front. The hair quality depends a lot on where you are, because the water is so different in different cities. Like, in Paris, the water is super super dry, so the hair is even drier, even after conditioner. But I’d rather have too dry hair rather than too oily. I don’t put any products in it at all. The only thing I’ll do is if it looks too flat, I’ll use a little leftover face cream from hands and put that in. I use Kérastase Bain Satin 2 shampoo and then I use the Masquintense conditioner after. I wash my hair every day. I need water over my head to feel like I’m awake and it’s a new day.

I get a pedicure once a week, but I don’t like nail polish on my fingers, because it feels like a plastic bag over my head—it’s really weird—it feels like I can’t breathe. My feet are always done though, I’m very particular about that, because if you’re shooting on the beach or something they need to look perfect. My hands, I’d rather keep them perfect but without nail polish. [Laughs]

For Josephine, we like Mustela; it comes from France, it’s the best stuff. And also Weleda—they do a whole range of Calendula baby products…I love the Calendula Cream Bath especially. I stopped wearing fragrance when she was very small, because babies smell so good! I didn’t want to smell stronger than her.”

—as told to ITG

To learn more about Julia and her approach to beauty, pop over to Vogue.com!

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    i love this post and there's something incredibly endearing about her baby! this blog is currently my favorite...

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    Awesome beauty regime. Every girl needs one.

    Be pretty!

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    Please could you expand on how she does this INCREDIBLE twist? (3 Odile Gilbert pins, or just 1 of those and 2 regular bobby pins?)
    Thank you!!

    • Via

      I agree.

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    love your blog, I go to your featured peeps and products for my beauty regimen.

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    I love the she did for Vogue France. She is really stylish and a beauty rine explains why she looks so great!

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    I love the way she does her hair...tutorial, please :D

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    I have used that same California Baby Bath cleanser on my daugther. I am so glad I am in great, chic company! I adore this woman, she's a bit kooki but in a very fashionable way.

    I also like to show the tattoo on the nape of my neck as well when I put my hair up - it doesn't bother me even though I work in a Corporate type setting.

    This has quickly become my new favorite site to check in the morning here at my desk!

    Thanks for inspiring me to face a work day with a freshly made-up face!

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    She and her kid are so pretty! I love I love.
    Thanks for this detailed article about her beauty routine.
    There are a lot of expensive brand names that she uses but over all I like how she emphasizes on skincare more than makeup and that she keeps it simple.
    I think that's the key to keeping your skin youthful. Too much products will ruin your skin.
    I love the pictures, they provide an insight into her life and beauty products.

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    Julia is a beautiful woman. She seems so strong, cultivated and stylish. She loves great products!

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    This feature may be my favorite one! I wish she could mention some tips on how to deal with the hard water in Paris. The French seem to have beautiful hair regardless.

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