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Derek Lam Fall 2011


Tom Pecheux (Estée Lauder): Matte skin, powerful eyebrows, no mascara and a dark gray shimmery cat eye with metallic powder on top—it's called Modern Mercury. I love metallics for fall because the clothes are usually dry...wool, matte fabrics—and I think it's important to have a glow. I'm also using a new lipstick called Vanilla Truffle, it's a nude, slightly peachy color. I want the lips to be soft but not to disappear. For me, I like strong eyebrows, I think it's very important. You'll never see me bleaching eyebrows, and I don't think you'll ever see me bleaching eyebrows, unless it's a major request from the designer.

Orlando Pita (T3): The collection is inspired by uniforms, so I immediately thought of a schoolgirl hairdo, when she pulls back her hair back in the center and puts a barrette in it. But we're doing it in a more streamlined way, a more modern way, without a barrette. So we're straightening the hair with a T3 iron and using hairspray to spray a section, iron it back, and repeat. So it's all very smooth and flat, without much product.

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  • MG

    Totally agree! Love metallics. Love the matte skin trend.

  • Elena

    Amazing pictures, great ideas! Just wow.


    amazing look. love the metallic eyes.

  • Alexis

    I always appreciate a strong brow. Maybe it's because my brows are so sparse I like looking like I have them. I always love a metallic eye as well.

  • Jessie

    what gorgeous makeup. incredible to see the process as it happens.

  • Donna

    I think this post is a good example of how the same makeup can look so distinctive on people of different races, and a great example of how all eyelid shapes have their advantages. Good show!

  • Colleen

    hmmm, that's pretty much how i'm going to do my hair today. except, you know, with the barrette.


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