Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

I like my mascara brushes big and beefy—the more resistance I encounter when pulling the wand out of the barrel, the better. Or so I thought. Clinique just rolled out Bottom Lash Mascara, a sample-size tube of silky “thermal active” product with a micro-mini brush…we’re talking teeny. It’s designed, of course, to tackle that delicate lower lash line, but what really appealed to me was its ability to isolate those renegade lashes in the far-reaching corners of the upper lash line. I’m typically all about volume, but if it’s definition you’re after, look no further. You’ll find lashes you never knew you had. And the formula is equally impressive: a stretchable ingredient called bentonite gives lashes flexibility, while acrylates copolymer make the mascara impervious to cold water, sweat and humidity. I’ve actually never been a bottom lash girl—the top gets all the love—but I had a total "Twiggy moment" with this stuff, and it really did last all day without flaking or smudging. Whatever you’ll use it for, the point is: use it…don’t lose it. I did already, once. It’s easy to miss.

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  • amarie

    i've picked this up and put it in my basket at sephora no less than 3x. i couldn't decide if it was really worth it. thanks for the review. going to pick it up on my trip there tomorrow.

  • MG

    i was so on the fence about this when i read the reviews on sephora. thank you for reviewing. i'm totally giving it a shot and seeing if really can pimp out my lower lashes!

  • Natalie Ford

    whoa amazing!!! Thanks for the review,I shall be picking up one of the little beauties as soon as payday rolls around!! I'm v.excited to see how many lashes I have been missing out on all these years :)
    Love Nat xxx

  • Sherry

    Love this blog...especially The Review and The Top Shelf posts! I'm especially glad you reviewed this product, I've been on the fence about it for a while.

  • amber

    can this be used for the upper lashes?

    • admin


  • Alexis

    Thanks for the review. I couldn't decide if this is really worth the purchase but it really does bother me when my Dior Extase misses those renegade upper corner lashes! I'll have to check this out - Clinique has been really piquing my interest lately!

  • Jenn

    Im a beautyholic and absolutely LOOVE this blog!... so happy I found it!! =)

  • Nouf

    I personally believe that using a mascara that you prefer while tilting your head forward at a good angel will give you the same result. You can also chop off some of your old mascara's bristles and voila :) however if you don't like to go through this hassle then this mascara is great.


Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara