Altuzarra Fall 2011


Tom Pecheux (MAC): The look this season is inspired by Johnny Depp and Kate Moss when they were together—you know, when she put on those chiffon dresses, and the big parkas? She's very chic and luxurious and a little 1920's. So for the makeup, I went with a mix of futuristic elements, like the silver 'tears' on the inside corners of the eye, and soft, kind of 'rock punk' shadow and liner. I like the girls to look powerful, but not like a dominatrix. I wanted that sensuality...I hate aggressivity. The lip color is a huge controversy—it's very ladylike, so bourgeois, but why not break the rules and add a classic lip to balance out the edgy eye? It's nice to see a grown up young woman.

Paul Hanlon (Fekkai): This time Joseph felt that he wanted his girls to be a bit more mature. So we looked at pictures of women with very very done hair, but at the same time you have to be very careful because that kind of hair can look very old really quickly. This hair almost looks like a shell: it's clean off the face, tight, and really organic looking. I was inspired by that Julien d'Ys kind of world—very sculpted hair that uses product in a really excessive way. We're marcel waving it and using elastic to press into the hair so you almost don't know where it ends, and it becomes 3-D.

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  • elisa

    amazing amazing amazing!
    your behind the scenes is out of this world. Thanks so much Emily, you really are the best.

    I seriously just can't get over how beautiful models skin is! They are constantly taking MU on & off, what do they do? Is Bioderma Crealine/sensibo all they use?
    I saw Arizona at Whole Foods in UNSQ a month or so ago, and we were both in the beauty section, and she was looking at DR.haushka!

    elisa xoxoxo

  • Cara Craig

    I'm very into those marcel waves in the back of the head, as opposed to the side. It is a very clean look while still keeping it interesting. It looks as if that set would last her a good while!

  • Sarah

    That hair is so interesting to look at!

    <3 Sarah

  • Angelica

    OMG, perfect fall lipstick shade!



  • Teckie

    That eye makeup is stunning.

  • Dawn

    bold on bold.

  • Shelby

    Anyone know the name of the lipstick?