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Lancôme Color Design Matte Lipstick


"This is my new favorite lipstick—it's a really fun alternative to classic red," my friend Bianca told me. The hue in question? Lancôme's Color Design Matte Lip Color in Posh Pink. The venerable French company hired me to do a photo diary, so I took to the streets and snapped some of my favorite NYC girls in seven of the ultra-creamy shades. Needless to say, Bianca wasn't the only one who was impressed. Everyone's in the mood for a "statement lip" these days, and there are zillions of offerings. I, for one, prefer rich color, slightly matte, with no sparkles, shimmer or frost. But matte formulas are often drying, and moisturizing formulas tend to slide off your mouth. Enter Color Design. The texture is heaven. The colors are spot on. Make room in your purse.

Maria in Stylista, Bianca in Posh Pink, Erin in Corset, Kelly in Plum Show, Chelsea in Lucky Kiss, Emerald in Red Haute, and Lena in Pink Preview.

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  • avi ignatius

    i love the colors ..
    and you can wear it anytime.. :)

  • Atira Hann

    i wish i can hv 1 of look really awesome..

  • Collen

    I love hot pink as an alternative to's so fresh and it really brightens your complexion! And I think that pink is more easy to match to any complexion.

  • Andreea

    Although I hate matte lipsticks (they dry my lips), those colours look amazing! My fav are Stylista and Pink Preview. xoxo

  • Alyse

    Was the first girl in a magazine? I swear I saw her (or a very similar looking girl) in an article where they redid her hair to show off her cheekbones.

    • admin

      Good memory Alyse, that's her! It was a haircut story in Glamour. Maria's an editor there.

  • Farin

    I love how it's subtle yet bold at the same time!

  • Hanife

    love the deep red, must try this one, great work x

  • Janet Agresta

    Beautiful colors!

  • martha peppers

    i love lip stick,and all these are beautiful, i would love to have these

  • elena

    I like natural hues, so the first and last ones are the shades I liked.

  • Teresa

    Could I somehow get Stylista shipped over to the UK do you know? xx

  • Chrissy

    Oh my gosh I simply love Red Haute! It is such a great statement color! À la Valentino Red!! Très magnifique! Where kind I find it?

  • Renee Tellis

    I don't know which model is wearing which color? "Maria in Stylista, Bianca in Posh Pink, Erin in Corset, Kelly in Plum Show, Chelsea in Lucky Kiss, Emerald in Red Haute, and Lena in Pink Preview." Going by this order, left to right does not seem to show the right shade either. Clarify por favor.


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