Arizona in YSL



Hope everyone had an amazing holiday. Kicking off 2011 is Miss Arizona Muse (NEXT), who's sure to cement her supermodel status in the next twelve months. Here, she wears Yves Saint Laurent's Ombré Solo eye shadow in Midnight Black, Gloss Volupté in Chilled Raspberry, Touche Blush in Coral and Touche Éclat highlighter in #1. Her skincare secret? "I drink water constantly—all day long, all night long. I'm a very thirsty person and I use a lot of moisturizer!" And at the end of the day, she recommends Bioderma Créaline, "The best makeup remover ever. I think that models are expert makeup removers. [laughs] We know all the tricks for that. We're perhaps not so skilled at putting it on, but we're really good at taking it off."

Photos and makeup by ITG.

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  • therawpower
  • Jill Beretta

    I wish my hair could look like this. All of the time.

  • debbie

    really stunning. well done Emily

  • Andreea

    Happy new year and WElcome Back! she is really beautiful ! :) xoxo

  • Luckyd

    Her skin is insane! Right. i'm Off to buy some water and touche blush!

  • Cecilia

    i'd love it if you did a tutorial on this look, it's perfect (and i'm lousy with make-up).

  • Meghan

    i love this look. the makeup is so pretty.

  • Jasmin

    she's so clean and fresh!

  • Mamavalveeta03

    gorgeous girl--I love how her look changes from one pic to the next. She'll be BIG!!!

  • Ana

    It's amazing the cheekbone on the first picture. I loooove it!!!! ;) Thanks for share it