Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi

"My beauty look…it goes with my feeling, it goes with my color…I have the habit of doing it this way. I have a wonderful friend—a makeup artist, Roberto, who is not here at the moment—and he gave me some instruction on how to do it myself. I follow what he suggest me to do, and basically I know the blush is important for me, and the eyes. And because my hair is dyed blue for twenty years, my eye shadow is mostly blue, or green, following the mood. I have, you know, the basic things he suggest me to use. I feel better with these basics."

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  • Emily

    I love that you interviewed her! There's nobody like her, and that's amazing. She encourages me to be more of myself.

  • Jill Beretta

    Cool, Emily.

  • Katie

    super rad.
    you guys get it.
    fabulous post.

  • rollergirl

    Oh wow

  • i.d.

    She's fabulous!

  • chic noir

    OH MY GOD!!!
    I'm so impressed that you got an interview with Anna Piaggi. Wow, she is such as inspiration, I have her book and open it up whenever I need a boost.

    good job and thanks for this so much.

  • JWK

    LOVE HER!! And her blush!!

  • dianne

    Nice to see the face of someone over 40! We do exist.

  • Noisette

    So when we get older we should hide our face with a hat and still use some colour on our faded cheeks. Come on.

    • Kam

      What makes you think she's hiding her face because she's older? That was Anna Piaggi's look for decades. Face half hidden by hair or a hat. Think enigmatic, playful...

  • Daul Be

    I have got to re-visit this post. You are so fortunate to have met her in person. RIP Anna! You're the greatest!