Accord Oud by Byredo

Accord Oud

Some girls have a fragrance they’ve worn since high school; others have a prized collections of perfumes that they pick up for different occasions—you know, one for spring, one for summer, one for a night out. I, on the other hand, have a two-year love affair with a scent: I fall head-over-heels for a bottle and it comes to be "my" smell. Inexplicably, right around that second anniversary, the spell is broken. The smell repulses me. As a teen, I was seduced by Clinique Happy, Gucci Rush and Michael Kors MK. College was spent with Stella McCartney and Le Labo Rose 31. But for the last couple years I've been single—fragrance-free, that is. Until I met Byredo's Accord Oud over winter break. It's musky, woody, heady and very sexy. It's something Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg might have shared. Except in my case, this relationship might last.

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  • therawpower

    ur DESCRIPTION makes me really wana buy it for my coming birthday....

  • Andreea

    Seems you really like it! I never had a long term relationship with perfumes. I always got bored and changed the scent. Right now I have Lancome Tresor in Love! xoxo

  • Sally

    I love Palermo - they are just wonderful fragrances! Strong
    and fresh.

  • Jessie

    Ooohh, I loved this one best of all of the Byredo fragrances when I smelled them at Barney's the other day. Ended up going with something comPLETEly different though: Black Afgano by Nasomatto. It is TO DIE FOR!

  • marlowe

    le tulipe from Byredo is my current go to

    • Keydren

      Geez, that's uebnliveable. Kudos and such.

  • The Photodiaridt

    I just gave my sister Tulipe by Byredo.

  • beautywizard

    Love the bottle!!!!!!! Minimal and chic...

  • denissr

    I like the muskier smells more than the fruity ones. But I've held true to my N. 5 for a few years now. The taller light bottle is not as strong as the classic (though I steal some from my moms bathroom sometimes).

  • Alicia

    Want want want

    I need a sophisticated scent because I always gravitate towards the teeny boppery ones. Currently wearing miss dior cherie and love it, though.

  • Hailey

    I;m the same way about perfumes...except my love affair lasts 2 weeks. Gonna look for this one!

  • lorien

    $220??? Wow!

  • Rsoo009


  • Erin

    Tried on the Accord Oud today. I can't say I'm impressed. It reminds me a lot of Gucci by Gucci, EDP. Actually, I was curious and I checked the ingredients of both perfumes and they have lots of commons. I would say that the Byredo one is a little bit more on the masculine side on the top notes, but after a while they smell pretty much the same.
    Has anybody else had the same impression about those two?