Avène Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid


Up until last week, I could safely say my skin was "combination". Just your run of the mill complexion punctuated by the occasional breakout on the chin. Then, one day, I woke up to an angry, irritated and very red face staring back at me in the mirror. I'd even go so far as to describe certain areas as scaly. You get the gist.

How this happened baffles the mind, and how to fix it proved to be an even more perplexing dilemma. The mainstay lotions and potions that I adore and slather on with abandon were suddenly too harsh. The best bet was to do as little as possible...but my skin was so tight and dry that it needed something. I remembered that Avène's infamous Thermal Spring Water mist is known (and beloved by many a makeup artist and model) for its soothing properties, so I did some research into their line. Lo and behold, they recently debuted an über-gentle cleansing milk that's 88% Thermal Spring Water. My parched skin soaked up the product almost as quickly as I smoothed it on. The key ingredients (aside from that miracle eau) include Ruscus Extract, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone and Dextran Sulfate, which, thank God, ease heat sensations, tingling, you name it. A thorough misting of Thermal Spring Water allowed me to wipe off any residue with another cotton pad, revealing a much happier, albeit "sensitive" complexion.

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  • http://beautysnapshot.blogspot.com Tea

    Avene's products sound right up my alley but ive never tried anything before. This producct sounds the perfect place to start!

  • http://www.luellajune.blogspot.com Bradley

    Definitely worth a try!! Love your site.

  • Vigee

    All of the Avene products are great!!! Love love love them, esp the spray mist and the high spf face protection.

  • pansy

    Eucerin's anti-redness cleanser is a really great, and cheap, alternative to this.

  • abby

    do you think this can cure something close to eczema? my skin is horribly dry and scaly in the eyelid area and i don't know what to do about it. emu oil worked for about two weeks same with argan oil...i've used various medicated creams in the past usually prescribed by dermatologists but nothing seems to work for the long term. :( it gets depressing because it's so visible.:(

    • Kat

      In case you haven't, you should check if it bears any similarity to perioral dermatitis - some people get that around the eyes, despite the name. It often gets misdiagnosed as eczema, but reacts badly or not at all to the usual treatments. It might be nothing at all like it, but just in case!

  • Nicole

    Abby, Avene have a range specifically for eczema, rosacea, couperosis, intolerant skin. They are specifically for skin sensitivities. Give them a try, they are a wonderful range.

  • Holly

    Thank you for introducing me to Avene!

  • http://neigeblanche.wordpress.com Nathalie @ Neigeblanche

    I have this product and it's a godsend. I discovered it after the skin between my nose and the outer sides of my mouth kept becoming really red after I used my normal cleanser. Ever since I have started using Avene (I also use their super gentle creamy cleanser and their SPF 20 moisturiser), my skin has been celebrating with a glow! Highly RECOMMENDED!


Avene Thermal Spring Water
Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid