Sofie Makridi & Natalia Georgala

Sofie Makridi and Natalia Georgala

One thing of the many things I noticed in Paris this season was how many French fashion students stand outside the shows, waiting for the models to come out, or just to see any piece of the action. Of course, these girls (and boys) are camera-ready themselves. Let's talk about Sofie and Natalia's hair.

I was recently in the company of superstar hairstylist Didier Malige, who happens to be French, and who also happened to look at my hair, smile, and say, it looks so clean. Granted, I had just washed it that morning, so it was pretty darn cookie-cutter smooth and admittedly limp. But ever since then I've been thinking about French girls' hair. They don't wash it every day; they might not even brush it. It's got a touchable, dry-finish, slightly mussed quality about it. It's not dirty, it's in-between and perfectly undone and cool. Sofie and Natalia couldn't tell me anything particular about what they do to their hair, which, unfortunately, isn't helpful, but further validates my point: it seems most French girls do less, not more.

I've been experimenting with different dry shampoos in recent weeks, trying to recreate that coveted day-after-washing-but-not-3rd-day-greasiness, and have been successful with Klorane's Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. It's light, not too fragranced, and super effective. In my dreams it would also give me Natalia's subtle, gorgeous ombré color, but even a French product can't do that.

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  • Lee

    I love the look of Next Day hair, especially when it has a bit of a natural slept-on wave to it and hasn't been brushed or styled. The pic portrays this perfectly.

  • Leoland

    Ok, Natalia's hair color is to die for!

  • dsds

    You should try washing your hair and lightly brushing it before bed (putting it in 1 or 2 braids before bed but not covering the head with a night cap) and then (releasing braids shower and dry as normal in morning but doing nothing purposely to hair) doing less or perhaps nothing in the morning.

  • Karine

    to achieve Natalia ombré color, you can use the Klorane Henné shampoo, it gives a subtle auburn colour to your hair.

  • Alisa

    I find what works best for the slept-in look is to actually sleep in it. I usually wash it at night, towel dry, and then wake up the next morning and see what happens. if it looks too crazy I pull it back in a low ponytail to flatten it a bit (but avoid the kinking from a high pony). My hair doesn't take well to most products, so I usually don't use any, but a spray of salt water helps keep the shag strong for the day.

  • Geneviève

    i don't know why everyone is so fascinated with the so called "french" beauty and style. to me, it's basic and bland (and the infrequent bathing thing-a little dirty). you might as well rename the words ordinary and plain to just : 'this is so french'. but perhaps i shouldn't be so rough on them, after all we do have chanel...

  • Tricia

    i am a huge fan of klorane, but once the glossy mags - like In Style - started recommending it as an essential or must-have, it become so much more difficult to get.

  • jennifer

    I know exactly what you mean about the 3rd day greasiness, but I'm glad you found a product suitable for your hair giving the hair we all tend to achieve. The girls are simply stunning from head to toe.

  • Abby

    I've got the messy beach hair thing down. I have really flat straight long hair usually, so I do this stuff to give some kinks and wave to my hair.

    I brush my hair as infrequently as possible (about once a week) and I use very little if any conditioner. Then I towel dry and part it down the middle imperfectly with my fingers- no comb. Spritz some sea salt spray or spray-gel to set the waves and then let it air dry. Scrunch it every so often. Sometimes I twist my hair and put it up in a claw-clip until it dries and then take it down and mess it up a little more.

  • laurner

    this is what my hair looks like every day. it's currently the same color and looks the same. I wash it every single night without fail. by the morning it looks like this.

  • Laura


    I've been trying to find the klorane henne shampoo but it's been discontinued... Anyone any ideas how I'd get my hair ombre?

    Thanks x

  • Sadie

    Both of them look amazing- I love Sofie's hair and Natalia's ombre! But I'm wondering where Sofie got those amazing sunglasses as well??

  • Annmariekuhn

    i have quite frizzy hair and use john frieda 3 day straight twice a week after washing my hair and it looks similar to natalia's

  • Amalia Stavropoulou

    amazing hair indeed although they are both greeks not french