Marie-Amélie Sauvé, Stylist

Marie-Amélie Sauve

"You know what I like, and more and more I think it's important, is to be toned. I try to do the gym every day; it's good to do something for yourself every day if you can. I have a trainer in New York and in Paris. I do the weights, and also I just bought a stationary bike. For me, it's the most important thing. When you look soft, that I don’t like at all. Gisele is of course the best body, for me, because she’s doing a lot of different sports. I stopped smoking ten years ago and I don’t drink anymore. I sleep a lot and I eat very healthy. Most of the time I have Japanese food—sushi, sashimi. I love Japan—I love Japanese people, I love the culture, I love the food. They are the most amazing people for beauty, in Japan. They live the longest; they care for themselves so well. The people don’t age! I’m very French because both parents are French and my culture is French but I think because I’m traveling so much I’ve become much more international than a normal French girl. So I feel less and less French in a way, when I talk to my French girlfriends. My girlfriends still go to Le Voltaire in Paris, a very French restaurant, very heavy foods, and sometime I love to do that, but mostly I prefer to eat Japanese. It’s funny because in Paris you still have very traditional restaurants but I don’t eat there much anymore.

Hair is very important I think, no? I always like to brush my hair. I wash it every day. You have to spend a lot of time for everything; I color it, get treatments. I think when I was a kid I was not happy with my hair. It was very thin and very straight and I wanted to have curly hair. I was doing everything—when Linda Evangelista cut her hair, so did I. And I got a perm. That was bad. So I think it’s quite important to have nice hair. In New York I go to Garren for the color and there is a Japanese guy there that I love, who cuts it. And in Paris I go to Leonor Greyl. It’s amazing. It’s a very very famous place in Paris where you can spend all morning and they do an amazing treatment for your hair and scalp. And I use their products a lot—for summer they have an oil, Huile de Palme, you put in while you’re at the beach. And they have the most amazing shampoo that smells so good. I try to go there every month. For facials there is an amazing place in Paris called Joëlle Ciocco. She’s doing the best facial, because you get a full massage of your face and even inside your mouth. And in New York I love to go to Tracie Martyn. Also I try to get massages as often as I can! In Paris it’s really difficult to get a good massage and in New York it’s really easy. Oh and one of my rituals, as soon as I land in Paris I go to an Iyashi Dome. It’s like a donut that you go into, and it’s very very hot, and you sweat a lot. It helps you to detox of course, and you sleep really well afterward and get over jet lag. You know, I don’t wear makeup at all, never ever. The routine is to wash my face day and night with Joëlle Ciocco cleanser, and then a mix of products from Darphin, Dr. Brandt…I have a lot of different creams actually. And I wear sunscreen when I’m at the beach, with a big hat, but I try not to get tan; I don’t like it. I started in fashion when I was 19, and as soon as you start in the fashion business, I don’t know why, but you don’t wear a lot of makeup. Especially when you’re shooting and you see a lot of models, because they are wearing a lot, you avoid it, maybe? It’s a funny thing.”

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  • Jill

    AMAZING. I feel like it is so hard to find great articles about super stylists. Thank you, Emily!

  • Devi

    I like her POV on taking the care body and being firm. It's interesting to me that so many people in fashion don't wear makeup. I would love to see more insider opinions about that.

  • Angelica

    Super cool to read about her take on beauty and self care. I love hearing about others routines and adjusting mine if I like what I hear or see.

  • Be

    very inspiring interview!!! Thanks so much ITG

    *Whisper* OMG I would kill to read an interview like this with KATE LANPHEAR xo

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for this! I am always fascinated by the French perspective on beauty and taking care of ones body and skin... the next French Fashion Stylist I would love to see is Emmanuelle Alt!

  • shesaidsomething

    (hopefully this won't come out all caps...apologies if so). Beauty is a bi-product of health. It appears that sauve is finding that out as she ages. Being tone is fine but bone density is more the issue, toned is an afterthought. Water is important for the entire body, and makes one's skin beautiful. Reward our bodies with health and it will in turn reward us with beauty.

  • Sarah G.

    Finally a glimpse of a fashion stylist's take on beauty essentials. Great article!

  • Emma

    Good article, thank you!!

  • Eleonore

    I love this article. I agree with Marie-Amélie Sauvé. I live inbetween Paris and Tokyo and my food routine (which used to be heavy, like all French, comme tout Français), but living in Japan changed my food routine. Now I eat more Japanese food than French one. I agree with her idea of feeling less and less French in a way, when talking with my family and my friends who mainly live in France. Anyway, as I can see Joëlle Ciocco is well-appreciated in Paris. Her products do wonders for skins, I must confess. I appreciate your articles a lot Emily and wish you the best (to keep on sharing stylists, editors…' tips with us ;) ). Bess from France

  • Isabel

    "You know, I never wear makeup at all, never ever".

    SERIOUSLY?! She looks amazing! How wonderful to not need to wear makeup. :)

  • Patricia Juca

    I just love your blog i do have my own. . I hope you enjoy it !!