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Kristina O’Neill, Executive Editor, Harper’s Bazaar

Kristina O'Neill

"My beauty philosophy stems from time management really—I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So I’ve developed strategies to be more efficient. I wash my hair at night and sleep on it wet. I don’t even own a hairbrush—I get out of the shower, put Moroccan Oil in, and use a wide-tooth comb—like a pick, like in the 80’s. [Laughs] And then I just towel dry it and put a towel on my pillow to go to sleep. That saves a lot of time because my hair is so thick and takes an hour to blow dry otherwise. Then when I wake up in the morning, sometimes it’s still damp, and I’ll run the dryer through it. A long time ago I read this quote from Aerin Lauder—she thinks that one of the most un-chic things is coming to work with your hair wet. And it really stuck with me because I do think that if you come to work with your hair wet, either you were in a rush, or you just came from the gym; there’s something messy and unkempt about it. So I always try to spend a little bit of time making sure my hair is under control. Reyad at Frederic Fekkai does my color. I used to be a lot blonder, and then I had a kid and I couldn’t keep up. He keeps it beach-y looking—I always say, 'just make it look like Gisele’s'. [Laughs] And Jordan M. at Bumble and Bumble cuts my hair. He’s funny because he’ll email me like, 'I think it’s time for a haircut!' And it cracks me up because his email is 'Hair Jordan'. I go to Dashing Diva on Montague Street [in Brooklyn] for my nails. I don’t get regular facials or massage or any of that stuff. If I’m lucky enough to get a gift certificate somewhere I’ll go wherever! [Laughs] But I don’t have that person who ‘melts me’ every two weeks.

My skincare routine isn’t due to any life-long product loyalty. One of the perks about working in fashion is that you’re exposed to all these wonderful products—there will be a fad where everyone’s using one thing or another. But right now I’m using an arsenal of Chanel Sublimage. The cream is like putting butter on your face. I use their Precision Mousse cleanser, Regenerating Fluid and eye cream as well. Because I work at a magazine I’m exposed to stuff at real time—as soon as something’s coming out the beauty companies will often send it to the editors. I’m also a big proponent of gift bags at fashion shows. I love when I see that Lancôme sponsored a show because I’m obsessed with their eye makeup remover. It’s magical. I call it the ‘Blue Water’. Few things stick, but I really love those Chanel products, the ‘Blue Water’ and Moroccan Oil—I did go to Ricky’s and buy the little baby travel oil for Europe. For makeup I love Cle De Peau concealer, DiorShow mascara, and a NARS primer that I got in the Thakoon gift bag. I’ve never used a face primer in my life, but I do notice that sometimes at the end of the day my makeup’s sliding off, so I’ve been using this and it’s great. And I love NARS cream blush in Penny Lane. I like ‘touchable’ looking skin. By Terry Baume De Rose for my lips and even cuticles is amazing—it’s another one of those things that I got exposed to, and now I’m hunting it down at Barney’s. And my perfume is Quelques Fleurs. It’s very 'granny' but I’ve been wearing it since I first moved to New York."

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  • Jill

    More articles like this please. Loved!!

  • Hannah-Rose

    would have loved to have seen inside her beauty cupboard like Eva Chen et al!

  • Angelica

    Love articles like this! I adore this blog, it's simply amazing. My fave place to catch up on all things beauty!

  • Yessery

    Love these long articles that are actually very descriptive. I find them more informative than short articles that just list what products they use.

  • Natalia

    Love this type of article! I do the exact same to my hair - wash at night, put a towel on my pillow and wake with it dry. It's the most sensible (and efficient!) thing for thick hair.


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