Pauline Boyer

Pauline Boyer

Remember fresh-faced teen Sadie Rose? Meet her French equivalent. I bumped into this 15-year-old on her lunch break in the Saint-Germain area of Paris. I LOVE her hair, and her headphones. And, you can't tell from the picture, but she was also wearing a very subtle smudge of shimmery green eye shadow. The perfect playful accent for a jeune fille. She was very soft-spoken, but not when I asked about who her beauty icon was. "Blake Lively!" According to Pauline, the buxom blonde is huge in France. Who'd have thought?

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  • mimi

    i have just discovered your blog - i absolutely adore it!
    pauline is just gorgeous! i have a soft spot for the 6th, i studied there earlier this year. all the girls there always looked amazingly fresh and kept it simple.

  • kimalexis

    does anyone know what brand of headphones those are? I just love them!

    • A Maggio

      They look like the "plattan" model by Urbanears, but if they had the lime green color at one time it appears to be "retired" from their color selections. There're still a lot of cute colors to choose from though. Check out You can also find some "retired" colors that are not available on the urban ears website by google searching the specific model and color you want. Also check Once in a while they have some cute retro styled headphones in fun colors/models.