John Galliano Spring 2011 - Into The Gloss

John Galliano Spring 2011


Gold-plated finger waves. Technicolor eyelids. Hand-drawn brows and beauty marks. Yes, this is Galliano, and you'd be hard pressed to find another runway in Paris where macquillage is more front and center. Pat McGrath and Julien d'Ys customized each girl so that no two looked the same: he built Karmen Pedaru's hair into a Fanta-orange confection; she stained and gilded Sasha's lips. In a season where minimalism will likely come out on top, Galliano was an unabashed celebration of getting made up.

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  • bleecker

    Julien d'y looks like he belongs in Pirates of the Caribbean. Thanks for sharing these backstage pictures- very cool.

  • elle

    I love the cotton candy hair :)

  • Victoria Stanell

    Wow. Just fabulous. Love his outlandish and avant- garde aesthetic.

    Victoria Stanell

    Associate Product Editor

  • martha

    julien is so talented!!


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