Chloé Spring 2011


Charlotte Tilbury (MAC): We played with the feeling of shadow and light, like in a black and white photograph—the way the light hits on the eyes, cheeks, temples. It’s quite architectural makeup; a very sculpted and highlighted face, led by handsome, lush brows. It’s effective but subtle at the same time—above all the girl is beautiful, which is very much key for Chloé.

Luigi Murenu (John Frieda): For the hair, we were inspired by ballerinas. What I’ve done is easy to recreate­—it’s a chignon, with a side part. It’s not done with gel or spray or a huge amount of product; just mousse. I’m using the Luxurious Volume mousse but not for volume. In this case it thickens the hair, keeps the shine, and in the meantime, gives me the hold. So with this combination I’m able to construct the hairstyle. It’s a strong look, but still has the femininity of the Chloé girl.

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  • elisa

    love the chloe girl!

    your blog is so beautiful emily.

    quick question: how do the model's skin stay so clear and vibrant with all the constant make-up, removal etc... what are their secrets? any backstage finds that are power houses?

    • admin

      Hi Elisa, thanks for the compliment! For the models, no matter how many times I ask, they usually just shrug and say the same thing: I drink a lot of water, wash my face every night, yada yada. They might as well say, 'I'm preternaturally beautiful, probably forever.' I mean, that's why they're models! That being said, I'll keep your query in mind and get the skinny tomorrow, when I trail makeup genius Tom Pecheux to back-to-back shows on the final day of Paris fashion week.

  • elisa

    ha ha! You are amazing emily! I loved your response, so sweet. ( drink water, sleep, etc... but every time you see pictures of them too, they are smoking- i don't get it, hey?!)

    THANK YOU so much for responding, I can only imagine how busy you are. It means a lot. I honestly think your site is out of this world, and have sent it to heaps of girlfriends :) It's just so genuine, yet cool and you can see your passion shining through. Thanks again + hopefully you can get some more skinny tomorrow! X

  • martha

    timeless make up style !
    absolutely gorgeous!