Boom Boom Pow and Perfection

Deborah Lippmann

If, like me, your weekend is not complete without getting a fresh manicure (DIY or professional), consider these fabulous new colors from Deborah Lippmann and Dolce&Gabbana.

I had the immense pleasure of spending time with Deborah this week. Like a true fan, I prepared for the encounter by shellacking my nails in her brand-spanking-new holiday offering, Boom Boom Pow—a glamorous, glitter-infused lacquer containing real 24k gold dust. There I was, presenting my hands to her for approval. "Oh! This is the first time I've seen someone wearing it! I have it on my toes right now, over Fashion [a fleshy taupe]," Deborah said. I nearly died. She went on to tell me about her wildly popular chunky glitter formulas (the best glitter polishes out there, in my opinion), admitting that the beauty of them is that they stay put...but are a real pain in the neck to remove. Regardless, I've become obsessed with Boom Boom Pow, and not just because Ms. Lippmann and I have a shared affinity for it.

Dolce&Gabbana's Perfection is exactly that: truly the most perfect opaque, creamy nude shade I've encountered. Often nudes go too...something. Too pink, too gray, too purple. This one, at least on my skin tone, is spot on. I know that it's fall and we should be all about those reds and burgundies, but nude looks so sophisticated and fresh. And, if you want to do "The Lippmann", just put a coat of Boom Boom Pow on top.

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  • a lovely being

    Oh, my... I must get my hands on both of these polishes. I haven't had glittery nails years-- I bet it would be fun to try again. and ms. lippmann is so dead-on-- "boom boom pow" is the perfect for the holidays.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, emily!

  • fashion trends

    The glittery nail polish looks so cool! Have been wanting to try it out and may go for the Deborah Lippman. :-)

  • RedMango

    Very nice post!

  • herbalife

    Quite interesting Blog .. thanks a lot

  • Ash

    O.P.I also has a really nice gold-glittery colour in their Swedish collection called "Glitzerland" .
    :-) This is a great blog.

  • Lucy

    amazing! i was loving dark nail polishes, but this inspired me to go glittery.
    I may try glitzerland, as suggested by ash.

  • maggie

    Get squares of white felt at the craft store and cut them up into two-inch squares. These work much better than cotton balls to remove glitter polishes--they're much sturdier and can scrub!

    • admin

      Thanks for this brilliant idea, Maggie! Must try felt...

  • Glamour Diaries

    I neeeed them both.

  • Nomadic D

    I just did a post on very similar colors on my blog. Love the result of layering gold glitter over a neutral nude!


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