Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo

“Beauty is all about the inside. My beauty routine starts at 6 o’clock in the morning with yoga and swimming. Eat really healthy, no drinks, no alcohol, no smokes. I get weekly massages, weekly facials, weekly pedicure and manicure, all with my beautician Maria. Sleep 8 hours every night. Take really good care of your hair; my favorite hairdresser is Di Luca in Milan. Skincare: La Mer. Beauty icon: Madonna.”

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  • Laura

    Great post! I always wonder what ADR will look like when she's 60. An Italian verision of Diana Vreeland perhaps?

  • fashion trends

    Great to hear about ADR's beauty routine. She looks great for her age and simply stunning in general...

  • Tricia

    there are no short cuts to beauty. very honest and true!

  • natalie

    ohhh she is cool. she will always look amazing

  • Arianna

    I love Anna Dello Russo (we're from the same hometown eheh) but...wait a second... no smokes? If i recall properly she does smoke and so does her assistant, Viviana Volpicelli. So what's the point in giving advices she clearly doesn't follow? bah...

  • madilla

    8 hours sleep! Was my beauty secret as well. Until baby arrived... 8 months ago.

  • Pam

    too many lines on her face. i don't believe she's practicing what she's preaching.

  • Missandry

    I like so much ADR, she's fierce, strong and self confident

  • lasnoblovesberlin

    Wow Anna dello Russo so for you is no party, no alcohol, no smoke, no beauty?

    Mmmhhh... I have my doubts...anyway you always look georgeus. Just a big is your closet? :-)