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Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


It's no fun using this phrase in the beauty world, but, truly: do not try this at home. Unless Guido is making a house call. The hair maestro was in top creative form at Alexander McQueen this season, basket-weaving contrasting extensions through models' own locks. Marike Le Roux (pictured at top), in her army green surplus jacket, gave me a very Joan of Arc, post-apocalyptic vibe, but the light, "pure" makeup by Peter Philips kept the look from becoming too serious. A curiously calm Philips remarked, "we're waiting for girls from Valentino, so it's more about taking makeup off than putting it on!" Nails, however, were of the more-is-more persuasion. Minx recreated a leaf motif from the collection, making for one mesmerizing manicure...and perhaps the most exclusive. You'll have to splurge for the ready-to-wear because, sadly, the Minx won't be produced.

Photographed by Emily Weiss.

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  • Jill

    Oooh looove.

  • Victoria Stanell

    That is hair ART right there.

    Victoria Stanell

    Associate Product Editor


    it is my favourite collection!))


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