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Lisa Mayock, Designer, Vena Cava


"I'm wearing the cheapest liquid eyeliner from the drugstore, MAC mascara, and MAC matte lipstick in Ruby Woo. It's the perfect 'Robert Palmer red.' Totally Robert Palmer girl, in the music videos. It's perfect. And then my manicure: I'm obsessed with two manicures, which I alternate between. First is the half moon, it's a 1930's thing; really old fashioned. And then this one that I have right now is the gradation manicure, and when you have red at the tips it makes you look like you killed a grizzly bear with your own two hands. It's amazing. So if you go in and tell your manicurist you want to look like you killed a bear, hopefully she'll give you this."

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  • Ann

    Love the nails!!

  • kelly

    You are so killing it. I love Lisa... I also love that she loves the moon manicure;)



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