Derek Lam Spring 2011


Tom Pecheux  (Estée Lauder): In terms of makeup, Derek always loves to play with vivid color, and we like to twist the rules—Derek for his clothes and me for the makeup, so that’s why we decided to go for a bright orange on the eyes.

Orlando Pita (T3)
: The hair is inspired by the west coast art movement of the 1960’s. Their interpretation of east coast art (which was more severe and minimalist), whereas the west coast had more sensuality and atmosphere. So we’re kind of recreating a 60’s shape with the hair—it has a little bit of a bump but we’re just doing it with our hands, we’re not teasing it or anything. It should look effortless.

—as told to ITG

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  • Haiminh

    Great look. Toni looks great

  • Derek lam

    Tom and Orlando are the geniuses behind every show! I am so lucky to work with them.

  • Julie

    I am so in love with you blog! I thank teen vogue beauty blog for sending me here :)
    Your blog is super professional, and stands out amongst all the other blogs.
    I will be sure to return regularly!

    f ashioncont a gious

  • ray

    hi derek lam!! your work is always so, so lovely!!

    & i love ITG as well for honing in on all the amazing products out there - is that Dior lip plumper really that amazing?? i keep hearing of it...


  • Cathy

    Your blog is the best in layout and appearance of the other beauty blogs I have seen, but a common problem I have with most beauty blogs is their lack of detail on the products used. People don't just want to oooo and ahhh. They want to recreate the looks for themself.

  • Erin

    The hair is absolutely gorgeous. Wish mine looked like that every day!