Caleb Addison

Caleb Addison

ITG: Tell me about your hair.

Caleb: I do it myself. I live in Bushwick and there’s this ghetto beauty supply store where I get the dye.

ITG: What do you do?

Caleb: I work in design at Marc Jacobs.

ITG: So, why are you out acting so casual, with the show around the corner?

Caleb: I’m heading to McDonald’s, just for a little break. Probably going to get a cheeseburger and a McFlurry.

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  • Anastasia

    I can't tell if Caleb is bringing down Marc Jacobs' ethos or totally doing wonders for it.

    It could go either way, really.

  • Claudia M

    I vote for "Top Shelf: Caleb Edition."

  • Aya

    she needs a top shelf.