Alexander Wang Spring 2011


Diane Kendal (MAC): Alexander wanted the girls to be very cool, so I decided to bleach the eyebrows and just put moisturizer on. Easy. The clothes are white so it’s nice to keep the skin very raw.

Guido Palau (Redken): I think in his mind, he thinks a girl would wear hair like this. He feels like there is this kind of girl that’s a little bit punky; an artist, who would paint it and just tie it out of the way. The underneath is pulled up so it has that ‘undercut’ look, and some of the girls actually did do that. The only products are natural clay, with a bit of hairspray. But to give it a name, I’m not quite sure. It’s not a chignon, it’s not an updo; it’s a feeling.

—as told to ITG

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